2nd Grade Info

Please mark your calendar!

Positive Behavior

Today the kids who did not drop a level had a blast playing games in the media center. Thanks for sending in games! We had so much fun playing!

Color Run

The Color Run for WRD is this Saturday, April 9. Registration can begin at 9 AM and the run/walk starts at 11 AM. You guys can come and register on this day if you have not had a chance to pre-register.

Report Cards

You should see your child's report card come home on April 13. Please sign and return the card. This means there is only 9 more weeks of school!

Rescue Ranch

The 2nd grade classes will be going to Rescue Ranch on April 19. We will leave at 8:30, please make sure your child dresses in clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Tennis shoes are required, we get to have a picnic lunch! If you signed your child up to bring a lunch from home, it needs to be in a bag, we are not going to keep up with lunch boxes. We will return at the end of the day!

Wax Museum on April 19

PTO will be on April 19 at 7:00 PM. We will dress like a ballerina or a base ball player, your child can decide. We are studying Babe Ruth and Micheala (an orphan who made it although she had hardships).

The students have script to say, but we are to be on display for the wax museum!

Life Cycles!

In science we are beginning our unit on Life Cycles! We will hatch butterflies this year. Your child should be able to discuss the life cycle of a frog, butterfly, honeybee, turtle and salmon.

Field Trip on April 28!

We will travel to Eaton's Farm and learn more about life cycles and see animals! Your child will be able to have a picnic lunch, so once again, please pack in a disposable bag! Tennis shoes or some old shoes would be appropriate, you never know what might be on the bottom of them by the time we get back home!

April 29 and May 30

No school for students!

Author's Night`

On Monday, May 2 from 7:00-8:00 PM, your child will be signing autographs! We will have Author's Night! Your child will need to dress in their Sunday best and read their books and reports they have produces this year! We will have refreshments and please be sure to bring your camera!

Talent Show

On Friday, June 3 from 10:00-11:00, we will have a 2nd grade Talent Show! Your child will need to submit their talent on a form that will be sent home closer to the date. This is an awesome time to show-case all the talent we see in our 2nd grade students! Bring a video camera and enjoy the show!!

Parent Help Needed on June 8

We need parents/grandparents to come run stations for our 2nd Grade End of the Year Party on June 8. We will set up stations for Minute to Win It during our enhancement time at 8:20 and students will return and we will begin rotations. For this party to be successful, we need people to run the stations so all the students will get the opportunity to play all the games! Sign up sheets will be sent closer to time!

Award's Day on June 9!

This is the last day of school and Awards will be presented during the morning in the gym. This is also an Early Release day and report cards will be sent home on this day.

Please keep reading!

We will continue reading groups until June 2. Assessments will be given in May so please make sure your child is reading nightly. We know how busy this time of year gets, but we encourage a routine of reading daily. We know what 3rd grade requires and we want our students to show that they are ready!