Come Away To Belize With Me!

Our Town...

Come to the amazing city of Placincia, Belize! You can see our stunning nature, swim in our turquiose waters, and listen to the soothing sound of our amazing waterfall. Our cozy town offers fun, kindness, and smiles, and is waiting with open arms for visitors.



Belize isn't any old city..... it's a GEOMETRICAL city! And there are parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular lines in the streets. Marigold Lane and Market Way are parallel, along with Waterfall way and Alpaca Avenue. Marigold Lane and Hummingbird Highway are perpendicular, along with Alpaca Avenue and Hummingbird Highway. Bluebird Bridge and Hummingbird Highway are intersecting, and so are Prism Grove and Marigold Lane.


Because Placincia is a geometrical city, we have multiple shapes. We have circles as rocks on top of the waterfall, a trapezoid window on the back of the Corner Cafe, and, a rectangle Welcome Mat in front of the Apartments. We also have square mosaic tiles for trails in The Rainforest, the Beach, and The Waterfall, an octagon horse shaped range, and a pentagon pool.

Rectangle: 2 lines of symmetry.

Circle: Infinity lines of symmetry.

Square: 4 lines of symmetry.

Pentagon: 1 line of symmetry.

Octagon: 8 lines of symmetry.

Trapezoid: 1 line of symmetry.


Belize has some remarkable buildings, and Placincia has it's highlights. In Prism Neighborhood we have The Apartments, which is a cube, The Town Hall, which is a rectangular prism, The Corner Cafe, which is a triangular pyramid, along with the Book Nook. The music store, Musical Makings is a rectangular prism, and so is the house, and the farmhouse. Coocoo Coffee and The Prism Grove Movie Theater are cylinders, and the temple next to the waterfall is a cone.

Cylinder: 2 faces, 0 vetrex, and 0 edges.

Cube: 6 faces, 8 edges, and 12 vertices.

Rectangular Prism: 8 vertices, 6 faces, and 12 edges.

Triangular Pyramid: 4 faces, 6 edges, and 4 vertices.

Cone: I face, 1 vertex, and 0 edges.


In our streets, we have obtuse, right, and acute angles. We have a right angle from the perpendicular streets, Hummingbird Highway, and Waterfall Way. We have an acute angle from the intersecting streets Prism Grove and Marigold Lane. We have our last angle, obtuse, from the intersecting streets, Prism Grove and Marigold Lane.

What's Special about This Town...

As you may have noticed, all Belize's streets are red. Our streets are red because it is a symbol for NO CARS. We only allow bikers, pedestrians, and skateboarders on our streets, because we want to prevent air pollution. Our beautiful rainforest is protected by law, so no one can cut down our trees. Our special Laws:

1. No modes of transportation that run on gas.

2. No cutting down trees.

3. Do not litter or pollute the water.

This town is protected!