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D-B EXCEL's R-Matey's Win Regional Underwater Robotics Competition!

On Saturday, April 28th, the DBE R-Mateys competed in the Regional M.A.T.E. (Marine Advanced Technology Education) Underwater Robotics Competition at the Kingsport Aquatic Center. Teams competed in a series of events including a safety inspection, presentation and interview, and completing missions with their ROV.

The R-Matey's won the Engineering Award, the Mission Award, and the Champion Award.

The Engineering Award was awarded to the company that was best prepared for the engineering presentation. This included a Q&A session by a panel of industry professionals. The company demonstrates an understanding of the ROV systems, including the science behind them, and operations and ability to demonstrate an understanding of the role that ROVs play in the mission theme. The company effectively describes how the ROV was built to accomplish the mission and describes a lesson learned, either technical or non-technical.

The Mission Award was awarded to the company with the highest score of the mission portion of the competition. Team ROV’s must demonstrate in a pool area of varying depths the following scenario: The Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and crew that can operate in the salt and freshwater areas in the Pacific Northwest. The specific tasks for the ROV and operators include: 1) Locating the wreckage of a vintage airplane and returning its engine to the surface. 2) Installing or recovering a seismometer. 3)Installing a tidal turbine and instrumentation to monitor the environment. Before launch and operations, the ROV must complete a series of “product demonstrations” staged at a swimming pool at various regional locations. The company successfully completed the product demonstrations and delivered exceptional engineering and communication components (e.g. technical documentation, engineering presentations, and marketing displays).

The Champion Award was awarded to the company with the highest cumulative score from the competition. The MATE competition Champions Award captures the team that best meets the challenges of the Regional MATE competition which includes the design and building of a ROVs to tackle missions modeled after scenarios from the ocean workplace. The competition’s class structure of beginner, intermediate, and advanced complements the education pipeline by providing students with the opportunity to build upon their skills – and the application of those skills – as they engineer increasingly

more complex ROVs for increasingly more complex mission tasks. The MATE competition requires students to think of themselves as “entrepreneurs” and transform their teams into companies that manufacture, market, and sell “products.” In addition to engineering their ROVs, the students are required to prepare technical reports, poster displays, and engineering presentations that are delivered to working professionals who serve as competition judges.

We are very proud of the R-Mateys! We will be hosting fundraising events to assist with the financial costs of going to the International Competition in Washington this summer!

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  • East Tennessee State University's Department of Computing, the Niswonger Foundation, and AccelNow provide Code and Technology Summer Camps in the East Tennessee region for students in the 5-12th grade. These camps provide instruction and direction to allow students explore coding and technology.

  • There is no charge to participate in these camps and they are offered at various locations.

  • Camps include: First Year Code & Tech Camps, AP Computer Science Prep Week, Advanced Code & Tech Camps, CAD Camps

First Year Code & Tech:

  • June 18th—June 22nd (ETSU)

  • June 11th—15th (Kingsport Higher Ed Center)

  • July 9th-—July 13th (Hancock County High School)*

  • July 16th—July 20th (ETSU @ Sevierville)*

AP Computer Science

  • July 23rd— July 27th (ETSU)

Advanced Code & Tech Camps

  • July 23rd— July 27th (ETSU)

    • Java Game Development

  • June 25th —June 29th (ETSU)

    • Raspberry Pi Tablet Maker’s Camp

CAD Camps

  • June 18th — June 22nd TBD

  • July 16th — July 20th (TBD)

For more information visit www.etsu.edu/techcamps

Healthy Kingsport Summer Internship

  • We are looking for a Junior/Senior level student interested in growing and expanding their professional network. The student must have high attention to detail and be able to work under little supervision. The intern would be responsible for assisting the Community Impact Manager in the planning of the 2018 Walk for Wellness Expo including but not limited to; reaching out to previous vendors, reaching out to new vendors, securing meeting locations, keeping minutes, keeping track of metrics related to the event.

  • Summer, flexible hours Monday-Friday

  • $250.00

  • If interested, let Mrs. Kerkhoff know ASAP

Warriors Path State Park Job Openings

  • Pool lifeguards for the summer

  • Must be at least 16 years old

  • Must have lifeguard and CPR certifications

  • $10/hour

  • For more information, call (423) 239-6795

Internship for Graduating Seniors

Assist in performing all types of work involved in the construction, maintenance, rebuild, removal, operation, testing, and inspection of energized or de-energized generation, transmission and distribution facilities.


Zoning & Tuition Students

If you are a zoning or tuition student, please remember that you will need to reapply for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Gatton Pharmacy Footprints Summer Program

  • Rising high school juniors, seniors and college freshman who are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy are encouraged to apply.

  • The total cost of the three-day program is $50.00, which includes supplies, lunch, transportation to and from practice sites, and a T-shirt. Please do not submit registration payment with this application.

  • A non-refundable payment will be due after you have received notification of acceptance. For more information please email pharmacy@etsu.edu.


  • Application deadline is Monday, April 30, 2018.

  • Camp will be June 4th - 6th, 9am - 4pm


More important information about graduation can be found under the “Students” section of the DBE website. CLICK HERE to go directly to the Senior Graduation Information Page.

Graduation Practice

9:30am - 11:15am

Friday, May 25th


Saturday, May 26th

Arrive at 8am and Ceremony starts at 9am

You may pick up your Graduation supplies in the Counseling Office before school, after school, or during Tribe Time.

Attendance Reminder

  • Any student who has more than 9 unexcused absences in a class (does not have to be all day) from the fall or spring semester will not be allowed to participate in prom or graduation.

  • Daily attendance will be taken through May 24; not exceptions will be made.

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Outside Food Policy

Per KCS policy, you are NOT allowed to bring in outside food. From this day forward, if you bring in outside food (i.e. donuts, Pals, McDonalds, etc.) you will be asked to stay in the office until your food has been eaten. If you have any questions about this, please see Mrs. Hensley.

From the KCS Student Handbook:

OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Please do not bring food or beverages to your child from any outside eating establishment. Parents/guardians are invited during the school year to have lunch in the cafeteria with their children. All lunch visits must be pre-approved by the student’s teacher or administration to ensure there is an accurate lunch count. Only parents/guardians are allowed for lunch visits; current identification must be shown upon arrival. Again, please do not bring outside food or beverages to your child.

KCS Board Policy:

Policy 3.500: Food or drink packaged at commercial food establishments shall not be brought in to the cafeteria to be consumed by students during their regular mealtimes.

KCS Quick Tip

Communication Avenues for Safety Concerns:

  • Talk with your parent

  • Report to a Teacher

  • Report to an Administrator

  • Quick Tip - available on all KCS website

SchoolMessenger Quick Tip allows you to submit an anonymous tip to school and district officials.

Canvas Parent Accounts

At D-B EXCEL, we strongly recommend parents to create a Canvas parent account so that they can observe their student's courses. By observing, parents can view course announcements, assignments, and grades. The parent accounts on the website provide more information than what is available on the Canvas parent app.

To review how to set up a parent account, please click HERE to view a previous newsletter with instructions or download the PDF version below. You can also view the video tutorial below.


All students who are enrolled in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, or Geometry are required to have a calculator. The following calculators are acceptable:

  • TI-83 Plus

  • TI-84

  • TI-84 Plus

These calculator can be used for all high school math classes.

*Students are required to bring their calculator everyday.

Math Tutoring & Enrichment Opportunities


  • 2:45pm - 3:45pm

with Mr. Mowell in the STEM Lab

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 2:45pm - 3:45pm

with Mrs. Gradner in the STEM Lab

Advisory Class

Please know that Advisory is a class at D-B EXCEL. Advisory is the first class of the day from 7:45am - 8:25am. If you miss more than 9 days in Advisory, you will not be able to participate in graduation or prom.

Per the KCS Student Handbook: Students who have more than nine (9) unexcused absences to any one class will not be permitted to participate in Prom or Graduation. They may also be eliminated from participating in certain field trips or extracurricular events.

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Virtual Day Expectations

  • Virtual days are NOT a day off.

  • Virtual days are designated for students to work virtually.

  • Students are expected to complete any and all work their teachers assign to them on the virtual days.

    • Coursework assigned on virtual days could include but is not limited to; written/paper assignments and assignments in Canvas to be completed online.

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