Owl Moon

Written By: Jane Yolen, and illustrated by: John Schoenherr

Owl Moon is about a girl and her father going out to call for owls with different unique owl calls. This book's purpose is sharing an experience. It was awarded the Caldecott in 2010.This book won the Caldecott because it followed all the criteria. It was a book made for children, it was hand drawn and was in appropriate style. When I compare the Funny Little Woman to Owl Moon the artwork is way different because The Funny Little Woman takes place in Japan i can tell by the pictures because they go along with the story , and Owl Moon takes place in the winter time because the pictures go along with the story.The both had a appropriate style. They both have wonderful drawings.

Five Interesting Facts about John Schoenherr

1. He died when he was 74. 2. He died in 2012. 3. He wrote more than 40 childrens books.4.Born in 1935.5. Lived in New Jersey.