Moscow, Russia

Moscow is a city full of wonders and adventure!!

Moscow menue

Wonder your tast buds with tons of awesome russian food!! For breakfest treat your tast buds good with bling Pancakes!! After all that goodness enhance your Stomic to lunch by eating the famous rye bread!! Have some fun while making a doll made out of eggs, cavair and chips!!! Finish off your amazing day in Moscow by having some some Borcht soop!! Your tast buds are calling for moscow so what are you whating for!!

Moscow Memories....

Did you know that Moscow is not just all city? You'll be fanisted by learning about the russian language!! Just by driving around you can see the acient churches and monastaries. Theres lots of room!! Russia is the biggest countrie. They had the first stone cathedial. So if you think history is boring think again!!!

Moscow Fun......

If you think Moscow is boring think again!! Come and feast your eyes on the famous play The Lower Depths!! Grab your skates cause in the winter you can go ice skating!! Get your shopinesta on russian style!! With are road side markets!! Be apart of history by going to the russian ballet thats 270 years old!!! So much fun!! Well you'll have to stay longer!!
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Moscow Sights.....

Look into the wonderfull sights of Moscow's Epicness!! See the golden roof churches!! You will have wonders looking at the old stone buildings!! Check out the wonderfull catherdal of intercession of theotokos!!! Preapare your eyes for the EPIC sights of Moscow!!!

Language in Moscow....

Wonder youself about russian language!! Guess what!! They speak russian! The language organited from the slavic family!! There alaphet is called the agrillic alaphbet!! The russian language goes back to bagon times!! You might whant to start learning russian!!

Moscow Weather......

Experence the awesome weather of Moscow!!! Pack your bags!! summer and autum are the best time to go!! Ouch!! june and july are the worst time for insict biting and the damephiest months. Come and see the golden skys in september and early octeber!! Prety much its alaways a good time to go to moscow!!


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