Three Tricky Theives

By: Logan Mack

The Money Was Nowhere to be Found!

Three Tricky Thieves ran as they dragged the sack of money behind them. See how they run from the house of their angry neighbor. Certainly, when a police officer places them under arrest, the crime will be classified as a serious felony, not a lower misdemeanor. Unless they use that stolen money for a lawyer, they'll most likely end up with a public defender. This goes to say the thieves are the defendants who will have to answer to a judge when they face prosecution in their initial court arraignment. It may be in their best interests to try a plea bargain, in which they would most likely plead guilty for something like trespassing if their neighbor would drop the theft charges. During the process of the court's decision, the thieves will face the petit jury, (makes sure all details are factual), and a grand jury, who will form their verdict as to whether the thieves should be convicted of the crime. These decisions can be swayed by things such as a subpoena of a worthy witness, or even a untruthful and unlawful perjury in which anyone in the courtroom is to lie. Even if the kiddies weren't caught, their angry neighbor can "cut off their tails" through sending a petition to have them arrested by indictment. However, there are always mistakes because nobody is perfect; therefore, the Three Tricky Thieves are able to suggest an appeal to be heard by a higher court. In the meantime, they will most likely just pay bail until their next trial.
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