Vivian Trias No.4

Lavalleja between Libertad and Professor Yamandu Rodriguez


There are approximatley 650 students between 2 shifts (morning and afternoon)

Hours and Shifts

The morning shift has 12 groups, and the afternoon shift has 12 groups, 24 in total

The school is open 12 hours (7.30 am to 7.25 pm ) where the morning shift begins at 7.30 am and ends 1.20 pm and the afternoon shifts begins and ends 7.25


The Subjects are

-History and Mathematics - Biology-Geography - Spanish-Literature - Physics

-Chemistry Civics Studies - Physical Education, Drawing-English-Music


The Facilites are:




-Sala de video

-Computer room

-Sala de profesores


My Opinion

en mi opinión la escuela tiene muchas cosas que otras escuelas no tienen,

los profesores sos muy dedicados, etc