SW Charmers Update!

Sweetheart Promo, Valentine's Day, Spring line, SOAR & more

Hello February!

February is here and with it comes a LOT of potential. With Valentine's day on the horizon, our Spring line launching soon, gift with purchase promotion happening now, PLUS extra perks just for YOU, why WOULDN'T you work your business this month?! I'm going to go over in more detail all of the exciting things happening this month below. So pick a pop up theme and earn yourself a great paycheck & awesome incentives!

We have BIG goals for February and I KNOW we can make it happen.

Here are our team goals for February:

Sales goal: $25,000

Engagement: 45%

Pop Ups: 75

Share YOUR personal goals with me HERE so I can cheer and support you along the way! (Did you know you're 42% more likely to reach your goal just by telling it to someone else!?)

What's up for grabs this month?

Ragen Polansky, DMM

I am fully committed to helping you achieve your "WHY" with Chloe + Isabel. I have over 30+ hours a week that I am available to chat with you! Please feel free to reach out to me for ANY thing you may need.