Team Hill Update

DFES Title One, May 7, 2015

Field Trips in the Future

We are looking forward to our field trips next week! Tuesday, May 12, we will be going to Saluda Shoals and delving into the wetlands. Friday, May 15, we will be going to Irmo High School to view a movie on the Monarch Butterfly and discuss our efforts to impact this species. We have partnered with Irmo Middle School and together we are trying to raise awareness and help to successfully encourage others to plant milkweed plants in hopes of seeing the monarchs migrating through our state in numbers as in the past.

Current areas of study:

Science- We have been building circuits with motors, switches and lights.

Social Studies- We have been learning about the Civil War and it's impact on everyone who lived at that time as well as the impact the war has on us today.

Math- Geometry

Reading and Writing- we worked on a cinquain poem and are enjoying reading through "Wonder". We will soon be working on putting together a notebook of our writing through the year.

Dates to remember:

May 12 Field trip

May 15 Field Trip

May 22 Field Day

May 25 No school Memorial Day

May 27 Talent Show

May 29 Tag of Honor

June 1-3 Early dismissal 10:40