• Gaur Padas - This is a kind of devotional music of Manipur which is sung to upheld the greatness of Chitanya Mahaprabhu.
  • Manohar Sai- Named after Manor Sai, this music of Manipur is sung along with the music of Ramkartal.
  • Lai Haraoba ishei- Full of erotic mysticism, this music of Manipur is based on dual meanings where there real meaning is camouflaged by innocent words.
  • Khullong ishei- This music of Manipur is sung mostly by the Meities while they are working in the fields.
  • Nat- This is a classical form of music in Manipur and is usually sung during ceremonies.
  • Pena ishei- The Pena ishei is a kind of song that is sung is accompanied with the instrument Pena

Pena Music 2013


  • The Khamba Thoibi dance of Manipur is a duet of a male and a female which is dedicated to the sylvan deity.
  • Maibi Dance is a way of recreating life as in the past.
  • Nupa Pala is usually performed by a group of men with cymbals.
  • Ras Lila depicts the love affair of Lord Krishna and Radha.
  • Pung Cholom is a classical form of dance of Manipur.
  • Manipur has given birth to an indigenous form of classical dance known as manipuri.

Khamba Thoibi - Part 1


  • The Cheiraoba festival commences in April and is celebrated in a traditional way. This sacred festival is celebrated as the new year of the Manipur state with much grandeur.(Summer or pre-monsoon)
  • The Gang-Ngai festival is initiated with an Omen taking ceremony. It falls in the month of December or January.(Winter)
  • The Kut festival is a festival of the crop.It is celebrated on the 1st of November.(Post-monsoon)
  • The Kang is also a major festival in Manipur and is observed by the Hindus.Takes place in the temple of Govindjee.
  • Yaoshang festival is celebrated on the full moon day of February or March and is considered as the major festival of the state.(winter)
Cultural reflection: Manipuri festival celebrates full moon


While talking of Manipuri recipes, mention of some delicacies is an absolute must. These recipes are loved by all the people in Manipur. These are:

  • Kabok - a traditional recipe of Manipur, in which, rice is fried with all kinds of vegetables into it
  • Carrot Khabi and Channa Kanghou - a delicious dish prepared with carrot and channa
  • Iromba - a miscellaneous mixture of fish, bamboo shoots and vegetables that is fermented and served
  • Yongchaak Singju - a favorite with all the Manipuris
  • Morok Atekpa Metpa - another traditional recipe that is an innovation of the Manipuri people
  • Aloo and Mangan Kanghou - a favorite Manipuri recipe with potato
  • Peanut Brinjal Fry - a culinary in which brinjal is fried with nutritious peanuts


  • Unlike other Indian dance forms,in manipuri, hand movements are used decoratively and both men and women perform communally.
  • Baseball is played in Manipur,something which is unusual in the other states
  • Manipuris typically raise vegetables in a kitchen garden and rear fish in small ponds around their house.
  • In Manipur,hardly a month passes without festivals.
  • Manipur became independant before the rest of India
  • The Manipuri language is popularly known as Meiteilon.


  • Like the rest of India,Manipur cuisine mainly consisted of meat and fishes.
  • Manipur uses the kartal, harmonium, flute and esraj which are common Indian musical instruments.
  • Like all women,manipuri women also liked to dress beautifully with colorful clothes and flowers.
  • They celebrate all the other common festivals like christmas, holi, eid etc.
  • Like all the indian forms of dances,manipur form of dance is also colourful.