By: Christian Moscosa

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Should schools and lawmakers do more to protect kids from cyberbullies?

I believe they should do more to protect kids, as cyber bullying is an ongoing problem. There are a lot of people working on stopping this issue, but it is still happening. Even the media started to stop this form of bullying, and it has caught the attention of a lot of people. Cyber bullying is a common form of bullying that a lot of people experience. It also causes many problems, and it can affect you greatly or not at all. However, many people have resorted to extreme measures to stop this bullying. It's a very serious issue. Also, with technology expanding, cyber bulling is increasing because this technology is opening up new ways to cyber bully. These are all reasons why schools and lawmakers must do more to protect kids from cyber bullying.

The people affected by cyberbullying

There are a lot of people affected by cyber bullying every year, and many who do it themselves. It is estimated that there half of adolescents get cyber bullied, and they also do it themselves. A total of 25% of these adolescents get cyber bullied repeatedly. This is huge, as that is a large percentage of people getting bullied. It is so easy to do, that many people could do it without realizing. 1 in 10 students have also told there parents about this. That means that 90% of students don't do this. This leads to more serious issues. All this shows how cyber bullying is such a common issue, and we need to do something more to get people to seek help.

The affects of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying might seem like it causes no affects, but it does. For one, cyber bullying can cause physical damage. When being bullied, people feel alone and saddened that they want to try to stop it or find an outlet. If they keep getting bullied, they might seek out physical pain as an option. This is when they start falling into depression. This also causes mental damage. It was mentioned that physical pain happens when you start to feel alone and depressed. These extreme feelings could also cause bigger issues. Suicide is one of them. Some people who are cyber bullied can't handle it, and they find the only way of being at peace is death. This shows how serious cyber bullying can get, and why it must be stopped.

Cyber bullying is increasing.

Cyber bullying is increasing as technology becomes newer. It was stated that from 2012 to 2013, cyber bullying had increase by 80%. Technology is advancing, and so are the ways someone can cyber bully. Technology is causing cyber bullying, and not dealing with the problem with current technology would make it harder to stop when new forms open up. We are still not doing much to solve the problem and each year it is increasing by more than 50%. If this doesn't stop, than more deaths and suffering of the people will occur. No one wants this. We need to stop cyber bullying before it gets too late, and harder to control.

Cyber bullying must be stopped.

I have explained many reasons why cyber bullying must be stopped. There are a lot of adolescents who participate in cyber bullying and causing it. These forms of damage cause serious problems to someone. It can cause someone to inflict damage on themselves, and possibly even end their life. To top it all of, cyber bullying is increasing, and not even by a little. Cyber bullying is become more and more serious. We need to end it. My final conclusion stands. Schools and lawmakers need to do more to protect kids from cyber bullying.

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