Persevering Through Failures

By: Dylan Wrona June 2, 2015


Life is full of hardships and failures. These are also known as adversities. Life wouldn't be interesting if there weren't hurdles to overcome. When there are adversities, perseverance has to come into play. Perseverance is when someone fails over and over again, but still gets up and works harder after each failure to make that failure become a success. My successes in life happened because I have learned through my struggles to be stronger and reach for my goal of improving my skills. For example, when I have struggled with my hitting in baseball, I participated in extra practices with a personal trainer.

Carry On - Compare and Contrast

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Eleanor Roosevelt - Description

Eleanor Roosevelt helped many black people through the civil rights movement. She helped the black people have more rights and become more appreciated even though they were a different skin color. Even though she helped many black people, her childhood life was a disaster. She was born in 1884 and was the only daughter of an alcoholic father and a very aloof mother. All of these factors made her lose her confidence as she was younger, but eventually grew that confidence back. Later, in 1921, her husband Franklin Roosevelt was paralyzed by polio and Eleanor had to become his eyes and ears for him to get places. When she toured the south, she was shocked to find how the blacks were being denied their right to become part of the government. As Eleanor got older she suffered many adversities as an struggling against depression and insecurity.

Jackie Robinson - Cause and Effect

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Francisco Bucio - Chronological/Sequence

First, Francisco Bucio’s arm was crushed by a large steel beam. Next, his family spent hours and hours digging through the rubble trying to find Francisco. Then, four days later, the reached Francisco. In addition to this tragedy, he had to go to the hospital to get his arm checked out to make sure he didn’t have to get it amputated. When he got there, the doctor said that he needed to get his arm amputated. But, his parents knew that Francis wanted to pursue his dream in becoming a surgeon. Then, the parents decided to not have his arm amputated so that Francis could work with physical therapy and try to get his arm working again. Finally, Francis started physical therapy and got his arm starting to work again and he could do surgeries again even though it took him longer to do them, then other doctors. He was a very ambitious person because he wanted to recover and come back and have success in his dream of being a surgeon.

Thomas: Maze Runner - Problem/Solution

There are many problems that Thomas faced in the book called The Maze Runner, by: James Dashner. One of the problems that Thomas faced was waking up in a box in a place that he has never been before and has no memory his normal life. He responded to this problem by asking many people that were in the same position as Thomas was, but just for a longer period of time. Another problem that Thomas faced was being stuck in the maze with creatures all around him that could kill him. He responded to this problem by protecting himself as best he could and not getting near the creatures while trying to escape. Finally, the last problem that Thomas faced was fighting the creatures to escape the maze. He responded to the problem by persevering through fighting the creatures and fought as hard as he could to save himself and others. Even though he faltered through many tough challenges, he still was determined to fight through and beat the creatures.

Learning Experience

I can learn many things from the perseverance's of others in order to overcome adversity in today's world. The things that people do to persevere through the different things in life, can inspire me to change something that I am doing that might not be exactly the way that I am wanting it to be. One thing that I can learn from other peoples perseverance's is how they handled the adversity in order to overcome it and have success in what they are trying to accomplish. I could adapt to what the other people do in order to persevere by following in their footsteps.