Nike Free Runs 5.0

By - Leah Hobson

The Nike shoe wasn't made overnight

Nike Free Run 5.0 mainly consist of four materials. They consist of mesh, perforated synthetic leather, polyester, and rubber

How the design went into them

This video talks about how the shoes are designed before they are shipped over seas to be created into the actual shoe itself
How It's Made Recycled Polyester Yarn


This video shows the process of how polyester is made. This material is something that commonly pops into peoples head when they think "workout clothing materials". However, polyester is more then that. This material is some what water resistant, and can withhold a decent amount of water, from personal experience
Synthetic Leather - How It's Made

How globalization affects me

Globalization plays a big part in the life I live. Without it, I probably wouldn't have a lot of the things that I have now. The first main thing is the economic view of it. If one places economy was to drop, things on the shelves would slowly disappear until the United States figured out how to gather the materials needed. Another major thing is the culture of the other countries. Some countries value things that we take for granted. For example, if I went out and applied for a job at Market Basket, I would have to make minimum wage at the age 14. Some factories in other parts of the word pay there workers $0.40 as an adult, because that is just how their culture is. Then, we have technological. Technology just keeps on developing, and over time, it is going to start taking over our lives. When technology made its debut, people probably said that they didn't know how to use it because it wouldn't affect them. Fast forward roughly 150 years, and thousands of people have lost their jobs because of technology taking over, and they have no more use. Eventually, the people making my shoes are going to loose their job and not know what to do about it. Finally, we have environmental. This article talks about how much a carbon footprint is made with every running shoe.

Why did I pick Nike sneakers

I decided to do this presentation on Nike sneakers because this is something that I use everyday. I love these sneakers because of the materials they are made of. It was very fun researching how the materials are made. Also it was fun to find out where they were made (Vietnam)
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