The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Author: John Boyne by Cole Paulsen

Main Conflict

Bruno, like all young boys, wants to have friends like a normal kid. After moving with his family to ¨Out-With¨, he finds there are no kids around, he goes on an ¨adventure¨ to find a friend.


Bruno's Family: Father (Commandant), Mother, Gretel (Brunoś sister).

Bruno: 9 year old boy innocently caught in the middle of horrifying events.

Shmuel: Bruno´s best friend who was a Jewish kid in a concentration camp.


Place: Bruno´s new house, ¨Out-With¨ Germany

Time: World War II

The New Beginning

Bruno moves from his house in Berlin to his new house in ¨Out-With¨ Germany. His dad is a commander for the Naziś so he has to go to the concentration camp where there are no kids.
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Death in the family

Bruno's misses his grandmother since he had to leave without saying goodbye to her. He decides to write a letter to tell her about ¨Out With¨. (pages 86-94) He feels better after she reads it, but then she dies and he is very sad.
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Angry Lieutenant

Pavel the bartender was Brunoś friend. He lost him as a friend when Lieutenant Kotler beat Pavel for spilling red wine on Lieutenant Kotler uniform. (pages 145-149)
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Missing person

Bruno meets Shmuel at the fence of the concentration camp. He becomes his friend. Bruno goes under the concentration camp fence to help Shmuel find his dad. (pages 200-207)
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Sad Ending

Bruno visits Shmuel in the camp. Bruno unknowingly entered the gas chamber with Shmuel. (page 212-213) He dies.
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