SPRING 2019 at the KCI

Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College

Be a lifelong learner and join us for an educational journey!

LINC 84B (CRN 42240) - 3D Design & Fabrication (2.0 units) Learn how to use 3D design with Tinkercad and other similar tools to bring your creations to life. Taught by Mr. Jesus Huerta, FULLY ONLINE. Begins 5/13.

LINC 53B (CRN 41868)
- Integrating Tech into Mathematics (0.5 units) Learn how to use virtual manipulatives and other online/web-based tools in your mathematics classroom. This course is geared for middle school math teachers, but the instructor will also work with elementary math teachers. Begins 5/1/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 60K (CRN 41866) - Game-Based Learning (1 unit) Teachers will learn how to integrate gaming principles into your class offerings. Identify goals and evaluate the learning outcomes through game design. Begins 5/13/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 72B (CRN 41857) - Adobe Indesign Overview (1 unit) Learn how to use Adobe Indesign with Will Cavada. Begins 5/03/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

LINC 80B (CRN 41869) - Multimedia in the Classroom (0.5 units) Explore pedagogy and tools to design and manage multimedia in the learning process for your classroom. Begins 5/1/19 - ONLINE ONLY.

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For step-by-step instructions to sign up for any of our courses, please go to: http://krauseinnovationcenter.org/classes/fasttech-sign-up/

Krause Center for Innovation

The Krause Center for Innovation’s mission:

Advancing leadership by providing innovative professional learning to transform teaching and inspire students to be lifelong learners.