Flying for some guys!!

Sneha Patel

About Me: Helen the Hawk!

Hey everybody, I'm Helen the Hawk. I love to fly, and show off my fabulous wings. I also love styling my feathers in different ways. I prefer men who are warm-blooded, just like me! I'm also planning on laying some eggs soon, so that will be very exciting. I also would like someone who would love to go on walks with me to stretch out my two legs in the morning. Hopefully this attracted some handsome young men. If you would like to contact me, just come by the oak tree at red wood forests.

My ideal man: A Flying Squirrel??

Furry animals are the best, especially ones that can glide through the air!!!! I once went to a circus at pine tree forest. There were flying squirrels that were preforming, and they just looked so muscular and strong. My favorite performer was Harry. He landed on his four feet after he jumped from all the way on top of a tree. He even gave me a peck on my beak when I went to visit him after the show. He's also single and he's so hot. Literally, he's warm-blooded. Anyway, I want someone like him. If you've got all these qualities remember to meet me by the oak tree at red wood forests.