DUE this Week!

The deadlines are stacking up--here's a checklist to help!

TODAY: HS Girls Basketball Sports Fee and Paperwork

Our Lady DAWGS start practicing today after school. To be eligible to practice, all girls must have all of their paperwork on file in the office (physicals, consents, etc.), tuition payments current and sports fee of $125 paid. If you have questions regarding any of this, please contact Dan at dan.fernstaedt@aquinschools.org.

TUESDAY: Filled Boxes of Joy

In just 4 days, we had commitments to fill 200 boxes--those filled boxes are now due back at Aquin. If you still want to participate in the project, but don't have an 'Official Box of Joy', don't despair. Just fill a plastic shoebox (97ยข at Walmart) instead and click here to view the list of suggested items to pack in your 'Box of Joy'.

If you want complete details on this project, please click here.

Many thanks to Andrea Ege on heading up this very successful project again this year.

WEDNESDAY: Butter Braid Orders

For $14, you can purchase:

  • Butter Braids: apple, blueberry cream cheese, cinnamon, cream cheese, raspberry, strawberry cream cheese
  • Rolls: caramel or cinnamon


Butter Braid delivery is Monday, November 18 from 2:30-4:00pm in the Aquin Gym Lobby.

All proceeds go to the Aquin Junior Class Prom Fund to make this the best Prom ever!

If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Dohm at tracie.dohm@aquinschools.org or call 815-235-3154 x 224.

THURSDAY: Bulldog Basketball Online Store Orders

Our Senior High Boys and Girls Basketball Teams have online apparel stores through BSN Sports. If you want name-brand Aquin Bulldog items, here is your chance. Polos and Quarterzips in the stores are 'dress-code approved'.

  • All orders must be paid via credit or debit when they are placed.
  • Aquin does not have samples available.
  • Aquin will NOT have these items in the Aquin Spirit Shop.


  • Please direct all questions regarding any items, processes, payments here or call 800-749-3813.

FRIDAY: Blood Drive

There has been some confusion on the date of this event (sorry!), but it is happening this Friday at Aquin High School.


  • Each donor will receive a coupon for a free pint of ice cream from Culvers--A Pint for a Pint!
  • Each Aquin student who donates or who has someone donate in their name, gets a FREE Jean Day!

The Rock Valley Blood Center bus will be in the Aquin High School Parking lot from 8am-2pm. You can call Aquin High School to sign up at 815-235-3154 x 230. Walk-ins are welcome. First-time donors need to bring a photo ID with their date of birth. Students who are 16 years old will need signed parental consent forms. This event is sponsored by Aquin Servant Leadership.

NEXT WEEK: Stay Tuned for Details!

  • Reserve Tickets for Aquin Fall Play, 'Fighting For My Self'
  • Coats, Hats, Scarves, Blankets and Mittens for Aquin's Servant Leadership
  • Canned Foods for Aquin's Interact Drive for FACC
  • Care Package Items for 'Operation Gratitude'
  • Sports Fee and Paperwork for Aquin HS Boys Basketball