Friday Focus

JSE Staff November 14th

"Love Your People"

Another great start to a Friday with a delicious spread this morning:)

Drumroll please...for our Math Committee. Thank you again for giving us all fresh ideas to incorporate this quarter. One of the essential elements of high student engagement is to vary instructional strategies, even the most exciting learning activities, if done continually, lose their appeal. At times we have to hold back our "can't wait to show them this" excitement to add interest and increase engagement through the entire year, just another element in our grand plan of attack! I have included a website that a 5th grade teacher passed on for differentiating Math lessons.

Don't you just love when things are seamless! Mr. Hunter was in the building yesterday during our Lock-Out, he complimented our quick response and was impressed that we all provided students a sense of comfort and confidence in our safety measures. I appreciate your conversations with students. Thank you! We will have a tornado drill Monday.

Next week, we look forward to the Candlelight Luncheon for students and staff. What a memory for our kids! Thank you to the kitchen for all your efforts to make this happen!

We will be hosting new teachers form Chesterton in grades 3 and 5 on Tuesday, thank you for making them feel welcome. Mike will meet with 3-5 on Monday.

Wishing you a warm and cozy weekend!


GOOD LUCK Mrs. Koch and Our Spell Bowl Team!

Under expert guidance of Mrs. Koch, our Spell Bowl Team will do a fine job representing JSE at 5pm Thursday at Washington Township School. They will be wearing their Spell Bowl t-shirts proudly today and next week. When you see them please congratulate them on their demonstration of perseverance!

Student Services Committee

We are looking to highlight examples of student work at least twice a month that meet high expectations. If you have a student you would like to be recognized please let Chris or me know. We will record them with an ipad and share on the news.

Important Reminders:

  • STAFF LOUNGE: This is a one room house for us all. Please help keep it tidy and clean. Thank you for pitching-in with washing your dishes (sometimes others for the good of the group), keeping the fridge smelling fresh, and tables neat.
  • Food Drive all next week.
  • Safety: A laminated copy of your name is in your mailbox for your safety bag.
  • Please reinforce our Monthly Characteristics.
  • Please turn in 100% effort work to me periodically.

Continued: Troop Care Package

The student services committee would like to follow-up in creating a Care Package to send to our Troops. We will take care of the package goodies if you would have your students write thank you letters, draw pictures, anything creative that would make our care package special. This can be done as a class, small group or individually as long as it can fit in our box. There are many ideas on the web. If you would like to donate small goodies such as chap stick or gum you are always welcome! Thank you Sheryl for sharing pictures and information to bring relevance to this experience for our students. Please turn the letters etc. into Chris by Thanksgiving Break.