By Mary Weeks and Macie Yao


Cholera is caused by a bacteria called Vibrio cholerae. It usually spreads through contaminated water (especially in places without proper sanitation), raw or undercooked seafood, raw and unpeeled fruits and vegetables (or the soil and water they grow in), ans through grains, like rice, that get contaminated after being cooked.


- Diarrhea that often has a pale, milky color

- Vomiting that lasts for hours

- Dehydration

- Muscle cramps

- Shock


First, go to a doctor. They will do these things:

- Rehydration (either oral or intravenous)

- Antibiotics (not totally necessary)

- Zinc supplements (for children)


- Wash your hands with soap and water frequently

- Drink only water that you're supposed to drink (bottle/tap water)

- Try to avoid street vendor foods, and raw meat foods like sushi

- Stick to fruits and vegetables that you can peel yourself (like oranges) and beware of "salad fruits" like grapes

Fun Facts

- Cholera was proven to exist as early as 1000 AD

- Cholera can actually be transmitted by flies and other insects

- Your skin gets dry and shriveled from severe dehydration

- 75% of people infected with cholera do not show symptoms, which, in fact, can actually spread the disease faster

"If everybody contemplates the infinite instead of fixing the drains, many of us will die of cholera." -John Rich

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