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Week of November 16

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Monday, November 23rd -- 8th grade LIVE OAKS field trip. Bus attendance lists will be in your mailbox today. Please go over bus numbers with your students. Below is the lunch schedule for the day:

  • 10:00 lunch--81, 82, 83
  • 10:35-11:05 lunch--84, 85, 75 (you will be dismissed to lunch by an admin)
  • 11:20 lunch--71, 72, 73, 74

Live Oaks Schedule

Bus Lists

December 4th - Go Offline Day

8th grade ENCORE schedule: 30 minute classes

Bell One: 7:42-8:12

Bell Two: 8:15-8:45

Bell Three: 8:48-9:18

Nagel One Stop for Aspire Testing

ASPIRE wraps up this week on Monday and Tuesday for 78/84 and on Wednesday and Thursday for 75/85. 7th grade tests from 7:40-10am and 8th grade tests from 11am-2pm. Please help us create a quality testing environment by asking kids to avoid these team areas in-between class changes and lunch.

* UPDATED: If you order lunch to be delivered, only exact cash with tip left at front desk will be permitted beginning this week.

* Reminder that all CAT meetings this month (November) will be regular CAT meetings (no extended CATs).

* Insurance: Be sure to complete insurance enrollment on the Benefit Solver website before Friday, Nov. 20. This is MANDATORY for EVERYONE to either elect or waive benefits.

*PTA Fundraiser - Thank you for your support of the fundraiser. With your help we can raise enough funds to concrete area outside activity lobby and add more tables for outdoor classroom use. Deadline has been extended to Nov. 23rd. PTA is working on more details to help kids understand the selling of the cards.

* Pride Survey: Monday, November 23rd: Per district policy, we must use the remaining Pride Surveys. We do not have enough surveys for all 7th grade students so the following teams/advisory will take the survey: Team 71, Team 72, Team 73, Heineke, Hardman.

Please refer to the Pride Survey Script Doc before giving the survey to students. Mark O will be in the Nighthawk Express Cafe on Monday morning to collect completed surveys from students.

* Public School Works videos - deadline December 15th.

* World language exams will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday December 15th and 16th. Please read the linked document to find times for world language testing as well as rooms/encore courses that will be displaced due to the exams. Please let Lizzy know if you see any problems.

* P-Lab will take place on Thursday, January 14th in 7th grade. Details to come, but you will need 45 minutes to administer the test. Teams can decide how to administer. It will be given on Schoology.

* HS Math 1 exams will take place on Thursday, January 14th. Details to come.

*Out of Building:

* John V -- Tues. & Wed. & Fri. (11/17, 18, 20)

* John B -- Tues. & Wed. (11/17 & 18) - will be here to start Aspire

* John B -- Friday (10-2)



17 - Regular CAT

18 - PTA Fundraiser Ends

18 - Staff Meeting - LC @ 2:30

23 - Live Oaks Field Trip

23- Pride Survey for Teams 7-1, 7-2, 7-3 and Hardman & Heineke Advisories

24 - Regular CAT

24- American Celebration Day - 8th Grade

25-27 - No School - Happy Turkey Holiday

25-29 - Building is closed

30- Share and Shop begins


Tech Bytes

Morning Announcements

To ensure we have time to prepare…. All announcements should be sent to Melissa Huxtable not later than 2:30 the day prior. The only exception we can currently think of is evening sports scores.

Video Tutorials

We have created a tutorial videos section on Schoology to aid both students and staff with learning how to use certain tools. We would like to build a library of frequently used videos. That is where we need your help. Please email Kyle with topics for videos that you would find helpful so that we can begin creating a robust set of videos.