Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian

By: Rick Riordan

Main Characters

  1. Percy Jackson-The son of Poseidon and leader of the Half-Bloods in the war against Kronos.
  2. Grover-a satyr Percy's guardian
  3. Luke-Betrayer of the Half-Bloods
  4. Kronos-Father of the gods wants to destroy them
  5. Tyson-Percy's half brother also Tyson is a cyclops
  6. Leo-Son of Hades calls warriors from the dead


Percy and the Half-Bloods must save the world. Also Typhon a huge monster is also on its way to destroy Olympus but the gods are slowing him down and are eventually going to throw him to the depths of tartarus. Meanwhile in New York a battle is being fought for Olympus. The battle is raging on. Will they win the war or be killed in the end? Read it to find out.

Why someone should read this book.

I think the people should read this book if they're into Greek mythology. Also if they like action.