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August 19, 2020

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Dear Families,

During the past 5 months, I have ‘watched the clock’ more than any other period in my life. Here are some samples of things I said on Monday:

"Cambrie (my 4th-grade #PennPanther), your first Zoom call is in 15 minutes, time to wake up."

"Damon (my full-time working from home husband), when is your first work call?"

"Cambrie, class starts in 10 minutes, you need to get up. Time to brush your teeth and your hair. Let’s work on getting to bed earlier tonight, okay?"

Internal dialogue: How much sleep did I miss last night from anxiety keeping me up? Note to self: I also need to work on getting to bed earlier tonight.

At this point, Cambrie’s first Zoom call is in progress with her teeth and hair brushed. Pajamas are still on. Does 2 out of 3 count as a passing grade? I sit in her room during the first class. I love hearing her encouraging teacher and conversations with classmates. This morning they are sharing a high and low point from their weekend and it's adorable. Every day just reconfirms how outstanding teachers are.

My 9 am work call lasts through Cambrie’s next Zoom. She opens my door to chat and I have to wave her away. I hope she made her next class on time since Damon was also on a call.

"Cambrie, your next Zoom is in an hour and a half...please be sure to eat."

"Yes, you can take a short break once your morning work is completed."

"Cambrie, your call is in 10 minutes, remember we log in 5 minutes before it starts."

The day continues with more reminders (even though everyone in my house knows how to tell time) then I leave the house to work for a few hours. Text messages to my husband include a reminder about Cambrie’s Zoom piano lesson and figuring out work schedules for the next day. On my way home, I wonder how much time Cambrie spent on a screen. Turns out most of her TV time was watching Pool Kings and sketching out pool maybe half of it can count as educational? We enjoy a family dinner, go for a walk with the dogs, and get ready to tackle the next day.

Despite my newfound hobby of watching the clock all day long, the last 5 months have brought an abundance of family time. More cooking at home and teaching Cambrie in the kitchen. More walks and cuddles with our dogs, one of whom is running out of time. It still feels unnatural to not have a full social calendar and we definitely miss life ‘before’, but we are safe, together.

When my daughter reflects back on this year, I hope she remembers our extra time together and that she felt loved and secure. But, until the pandemic ends, I’ll continue checking the time and try to get to bed earlier.

I know I am not alone in this 'loss of control' feeling that looms over me or the inescapable Groundhogs Day state in which we, as families, suddenly find ourselves in. Yet, during these long days, I find peace and pride being a part of #PennVillage community. Our current daily life definitely isn't one any of us could have planned for, but our families and every member of #teampenn is rising to the challenges. Who knew that the finale song at the Penngrove Talent Show in March would be an anthem for the rest of the year...after all, “We Are All In This Together.”

~Melissa Morelli

Friends of Penngrove PTA President

Your #PennPanthers likely saw this, but adults need encouragement too!

Weekly Message from Mrs. Fadeji August 17
This video is shown to your students in Monday morning class meetings or posted as an "assignment". It's included in the Penn Press for you to stay informed about our weekly goals.

Around the World Wednesday Episode #3 - GOLD RUSH!

We hope your students are enjoying our travels together! Today's assignments centered around the Gold Rush. Ask your student about what he/she learned!
Around the World - Episode 3

Gold Rush video difficulty today...

We heard that some of the video links for the Gold Rush Expedition did not play on student devices today. We are so sorry about that! We are working with our tech department for additional support. Thank you for your patience! What a bummer. :(
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A Message From Ms. Lutz!

Hi Boys & Girls,

Here is a fun video for you to learn how to use your iPads to search in our Online Library Catalog. This one is perfect for grades 2-6 but our sweet little Panthers can use it too with a little help from their parents. Have fun Panthers!!

Catalog Basics

You are officially invited to a virtual lunchtime chat with Mrs. Fadeji and members of Team Penn!

This is a time for us to be available to listen and hear how we can support you. Our discussion will focus on navigating some of the challenges that come with Distance Learning. Bring your questions, your innovative ideas, and help us determine how we can best support your kids during Distance Learning. Please note: if you have a very specific concern or question, you can always contact us personally to support you. Our forum is intended to cover topics that will benefit as many families as possible.

Sign up via the Google forms below!

Thursday, August 27th 12:30 - 1:30pm (TK-2nd grade families)

Thursday, September 3rd 12:30 - 1:30pm (3rd - 6th grade families)

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Seesaw is the new learning platform for all students in grades TK-3. Do you want to learn more about this platform? Spend an hour talking with Penngrove teacher Adrienne Olufs to learn how you can support your children on this platform.

Zoom Webinar Link:

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Does Google Classroom have you confused? Learn more about the Google Classroom learning platform that is used in all 4th-12th grade classes in PCS. Talk with Petaluma High teacher Kevin Jackson to learn more about the tool your children use every day.

Zoom Webinar Link:

Click on the picture below to get the latest on the garden from Ms. Barrell!

Google Classroom Tips from Common Sense Media

6 Things Parents Should Know About Google Classroom
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