The Bear Necessities

September 2, 2015

You are so good....

I see so many amazing things happening with students as I visit classrooms. I always think "I should put that in the Bear Necessities". My first attempt to include some of these great lessons is below. I will not do these lessons justice, but I will give it a try!! My hope is that you find a glimpse into these classrooms helpful.

Nice Work

We had a bit of a surprise fire drill last Friday, although it was on a scheduled fire drill day. We will be having another drill for PM at some point. You did the right thing, don't question the length of the alarm, if it sounds, you get outside. Nicely Done. We also want to thank you for your quiet during the drill, it allowed us to ensure all were out safely in a timely manner.
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Dress Up Game to build vocabulary/Exploring our environment

One classroom: laid out dress up clothes at circle on the carpet (one more item than their were students). They named them all including the color (blue vest, pink blouse, black shoes). Each student had a turn to pick a piece of clothing, name it, put it on and the class sang a chant (4 times) "We love your blue vest, we love your blue vest...". A great way to build vocabulary that students will use daily inside your classroom. No prep, can be repeated easily and was meaningful to the students. A good reminder that we need to assume nothing when it comes to the vocabulary our students possess. I only got to see this portion of the lesson, there could have been much more to it, but I loved the resourcefulness and meaningfulness of the lesson.
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Meaningful object

One Classroom: Read a book about blankets, made a graphic organizer with student pictures, recording what each child liked to do with their blanket. This was reviewed the day I was lucky enough to watch. Kiddos who did not have a lot of language showed what they liked to do with blankets. This was a great way to get kids talking about an object they can relate to and provide a "to do" statement in relation to that object.
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Our Backyard/Vocabulary Building/Exploring our environment

One Classroom: discussed what they saw at recess (I assume they had kids observe as a group at some point out on the playground). Class reviewed what they saw (lots of help), then reviewed a few "working vehicles" that live in their classroom. They used the vehicles to scoop, dump, and dirt in sensory tubs. I was reminded of the vocabulary building our students need when NO ONE could name a tractor or dump truck. I was also reminded that when we say our "kids don't know how to pretend or play" that is serious!! This teacher showed them how to scoop and dump "dirt" into the dump truck, and then dump it....Oh please don't forget to teach them each little step and assume nothing!!
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Parent Calendar

Your parents received parent calendars at enrollment. These calendars say "subject to change" and reference our website. Please place a link to our website and remind parents to look for updated events calendars and make sure that you have the latest info in your newsletters. THANK YOU
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Got a problem....who you gonna call? CALL THE FRONT OFFICE

Please know that with multiple locations, it is very important to make the front office aware of the concern. The front office staff will find Kristen or I and make sure we are aware of the situation. If we cannot be reached, the front office will then reach out to our new leadership team group. This group is made up of individuals who are working toward a degree in education administration. Group members include: Mary Fleming, Heather Hamilton, Jill Jones, Cathy Ledbetter and Jennifer Stevenson.

Techology Help is HERE!!!!

Lesma will be here each Tuesday from 8:15-3:45 and Thursdays from 8:15-noon. She can be found around the building or in the Head-end room located behind the double doors at the entrance of the Ashley Hall. She encourages you to place a ticket for what you need done. Please know she is here on those times and will be available to support our technology needs.
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Social Committee

A few reminders about social committee:

Your social committee dues provide a card and gift card/contribution in the event of the birth of a staff member's first child, first wedding, retirement, extended hospital stay, death of an immediate family member, or other event as the need arises. This is for all staff based at GBEEC and satellite locations. This is the only use for the dues that are collected. Dues for this year will be $10, please give your check to any committee member at your earliest convenience. A copy of the bylaws will be added to the Z drive.

Social committee also posts sign-up sheets for several potluck lunches throughout the year and coordinates these lunches with the district appreciation calendar so all staff is recognized at a luncheon at some time during the year, as well as coordinating potluck lunches for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. In addition, if our staff can support someone who would benefit from meals delivered to their home social committee sends an email and posts a signup sheet for those interested in helping out. No dues money is used for luncheons.

Current social commitee members are Ashley Bogard, Cheri Gutekunst, MaryBeth Panek, Erin Tompkins, Jill Jones, and Janet Little. We would love to plan additional fun events throughout the year. We could use some help so please consider joining us! We think our amazing staff would have lots of fun spending time together outside of work.

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Substitute List

We have a real need to grow our "Preferred substitute list" of paraprofessionals who can sub at GBEEC. This is the list of substitute paras we have permission to use when Kelly Services may not be our best option. We encourage you to recruit!! If you have someone you feel would make a great substitute, please have them call Lori Fender at 986-2464. They will still need to go through a background check and such at SLC, but Lori should be their first contact.