Crime Is Met With Punishment

Cruel and Brutal


In the 16th century, prison was rarely a punishment. Commonly, there were physical punishments where people get abused and humiliated. Examples of crimes that nobility people committed were murder, spying and seduction. Additionally, crimes that commoners committed were theft, fraud, and forging. Depending on where you stand on the social class the punishments are different. The wealthy people who commit more serious crimes were punished by being beheaded, and the commoners got hanged.


-Children were also treated very harshly in school. For example, they were hit with twigs on their bare bottom.

-You can be fined for not going to church.

-When you go against the Queen or King, you would be punished by death.

There were many more harsh punishments during the 16th century such as:

Boiled to death
Eyes pulled out with hot fingers
Hands cut off


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