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Read Across America Week - SO fun!

Read In, Reading in Jammies, Read with a Buddy, Book Swap and Book Character Dress Up and Parade!

Thanks to everyone for participating, sending books for the swap, helping with costumes! It has been so much fun!

Deadlines for Bluebonnet and Book Adventure Reading for Marek Awards -

April 27.

Please have Book Adventure tests taken and Bluebonnet Bookmarks turned in by that date. If there are difficulties, please email me and let me know.

Classroom Happenings

Kindergarten classes have been so busy. They have learned about groundhogs and famous presidents, Valentine's Day, animal research and Dr. Seuss. They used captions and pictures to gather information and they are really learning those nonfiction text features.

First grade classes have been doing research about their animals, learning about fairy tales, and famous African Americans. They have learned about IIM (Independent Investigation Method), which is our process for research. I'm amazed at what our first graders can do! Their writing in their products was impressive!

Second grade has been working on their animal research in their science classes, nonfiction text features to go along with animal research in their language arts classes and are starting their biography work. It's very exciting to see the students notice that the questions they have in research are turning into the main ideas in their research product! Their information gathered is turning into the supporting details!

Third grade has worked hard on traditional literature. We learned all the attributes, location and types. Ms. Stevens' students actually checked out and responded to each one of the 6 types. Third grade is also doing research learned about biographies. Ms. Gonzales' kids are researching presidents and Ms. Stevens' and Mrs. Jackson's classes researched famous African Americans. I'm blown away by the products and pillars I'm seeing. Third grade students were the big library users of the month!

Fourth grade is working on writing, inferencing and Texas history. Ask your 4th grader about the inferencing categories and about the Alamo! Mrs. HInojosa's students researched severe weather and weather tools. It was so much fun to work with science classes.

Fifth graders continue with 40 book projects and we have 6 teams of 5th, 4th and 3rd graders who are participating in the Bluebonnet Rumble Competition on Tuesday mornings! Thanks, Leaders! We have worked with all the social studies classes about the Civil War and the Underground Railroad. Mrs. Oliver's classes have also worked on plot structure with me. Mrs. Matula's classes have worked on their book club work in the library and Ms. Tamez's classes have been working on westward expansion research. We were able to Skype with the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, WY! LOVED that!

Electronic Books at Marek

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New electronic books are being added to the catalog this month. The district has added $14000 in new books, including sound recordings, in Overdrive! Check it out!!!!

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