Comparison of World Religions

Nadiyah Morton 😍


  • Started by the teachings of the prophet Muhammad
  • Muhammad was believed to be the first follower
  • Islam is monotheistic
  • They believe in all prophets of Judaism and Christianity
  • It started in Arabian peninsula
  • Began in 662 EC
  • 1.5 billions believers
  • Islam holy bible is call Quran
  • There are no Priests, however a Muslim community leader know as the imam conducts the prayer in mosque


  • The Buddha was the founder of Buddhism
  • The Buddha did not teach a personal deity.
  • 362 million believers
  • Buddhism doesn't have a holy book but they have sacred texts (Dhammapada)
  • Buddisht monks & nuns
  • People complete nirvana by eliminating their attachment to worldly things
  • It started in India


  • 6.3 million believers
  • The holy book was the Analects or the Five Classics
  • No clergy
  • The founder was Confucius
  • Education is important both to the welfare of the individual and to society
  • Respect for parents and elders
  • It started in China