RVHS Weekly Newsletter

January 11th 2021

Message From The Principal Mr. Dignan

Hello Eagles!

Thank you for attending Rancho Strong Week. It was intended to welcome our new students as well as to support our returning students. We heard from a variety of speakers who shared their individual stories as well a focus on needed Tech Skills, Post Graduation Plans and establishing a Mindset.

Now, let's get back to earning credits and preparing for the future.

We got this!

Mr. D

2nd Semester Schedules

2nd Semester Schedules are now available to view in Infinite Campus. If you see a NO CLASS PERIOD X, then you do not have a class during that period. Unless you are taking 7 classes, you will have at least one NO CLASS PERIOD X on your schedule.

You will also have a COACHING CLASS on your schedule. You will meet with your COACHING CLASS on Monday mornings during homeroom time.

Textbook Pick Up

If you are taking any new classes at RVHS that you did not take last semester, you will need to pick up new textbooks. All SENIORS will need a new Government or Economics book (please return your old one if you have not done so.) Most JUNIORS may not need new textbooks. All NEW students will need to pick up textbooks.

New students who have not picked up an iPad, may do so with their textbooks. See below for the Technology Use Agreement. This must be signed by a parent before we issue you a iPad.

This can be done online by clicking the box below or on campus with the parent present.

Please park in the bus loop or the lower parking lot and follow the signs for Textbook Pick Up. The front office will be closed and locked. Due to Covid-19, for the safety of everyone no students/parents will be allowed inside the school buildings.

Please see the schedule below and attend based on your last names initial.

Technology Use Agreement

Click here for information on checking out an iPad.

Monday, January 11 - Textbook Pick Up Schedule

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Big picture
RVHS Online Block Schedule

Click here for a printable copy.

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2nd Semester RVHS Zoom Links

Click here for the Zoom Links to your classes.

WEE - Work Experience Education

Click here for information about WEE.

Lisa Sindermann

Secretary to Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistance Principal Tim Mann