Elise Gilbert

Ceramics 1

Cracken Mug

I created the following peice to initially use for drinking, however the complex design of the legs wrapping around the mug made it difficult, if not impossible to glaze how I wanted to. So I settled with just painting it in exchange for not being able to drink out of it. And in the end was very pleased with how the end product came out.

Puffer Fish

The puffer fish I made was supposed to be a whistle at first, but I waited too long to fix the whistle part it and dried too much to fix. So I covered up the hole and made a new tail. The glazing ended up being a problem as well; I ended up glazing and re-glazing it 4 times before I was officially finished.

Critique #1- Vortex

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Ellen Schon



smoke- fired clay

13" x 20" x 20"

In the piece titled Vortex, a bowl shaped sculpture with pointed, almost claw- like edges is the center of the work. the bottom of the bowl comes in then goes out to the claw top. the texture of the piece is almost wooden looking. inside the bowl, the claws make a rhythmic, flowing pattern. the form of the bowl to me resembles maybe a tree root. the feel of the piece is dark and mysterious; however it doesn't particularly make me feel a certain emotion. in my opinion,the piece was successful. having a spiked rim, you couldn't use the bowl for anything other than sitting on a table, but the end product is pleasing to the eye.

Critique #2- Laocoon and His Sons

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Agestander, Athenodoros, and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height

in the sculpture titled Laocoon and His Sons, there are three men; one is obviously bigger and stronger than the other two. The men are being strangled by serpents and their clothes, togas, are hanging off their shoulders, exposing their naked bodies. the man appear to be suffering. the artist uses diagonal lines to suggest movement and dynamism. emphasis is also very evident in this artwork. in the sculpture, the central figure stands out because of his size and position above the other men. the lines and misshapen bodies, along with the snake, leadviewers eyes to the main figure. movement is also used in this artwork to show the men attempting to break free from the snakes grip. the artist uses asymmetrical balance to show the large empty space in the right to balance out with all of the movement and action displayed with the main figures bodies and arms on the left side. the piece looks like it is from ancient greece. although beautiful, the piece gives you a scene of struggle and death of the three men. i think that this artwork is successful because even with the dark message, it manages to be delightfully beautiful due to the intricate craftsmanship.

Elise Gilbert

Ceramics student at Bentonville High school in Arkansas, 9th grade