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May 2022

NWAEA Math Team

We are the NWAEA instructional leaders in mathematics education ensuring all educators have access to high quality mathematics teaching and learning.

Developing Problem Solvers Course Offering for NWAEA

Developing Problem Solvers

• Developing Problem Solvers (Year 1) is professional learning based on over twenty years of research by university professors and elementary teachers from across the country.

• Teachers will explore the Cognitively Guided Instruction framework for how elementary school children think and learn concepts of Number Base Ten, Number & Operations, and Algebraic Thinking.

• Teachers will learn about the Iowa Core Problem Situations and implement problem solving structures including the 5 practices (anticipate, monitor, select, sequence, and connect).

• The knowledge gained will enhance how teachers implement any curriculum or resource materials.

• 3 Graduate or Licensure Renewal Credits are available.

Top 5 Resources for May

1. Virtual Manipulatives - a collection of virtual manipulatives including unifix cubes, algebra tiles, tens frames, pattern blocks, and many more!

2. Would you Rather? - A collection of Would you Rather? math prompts for students to encourage strategic thinking and mathematical reasoning.

3. Math Puzzles - Mathforlove includes some great math puzzles to engage and challenge students.

4. Financial Literacy - Teaching Children About Money: Resources for Promoting Financial Literacy by Age. This resource includes applications for supporting financial literacy learning broken down by age.

5. StrADDegy - StrADDegy is an affordable paid resource available to educators to help students build deep conceptual understanding and relational thinking to improve math strategies for basic facts.

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Great Math Blog!

Jo Boaler recently started up her own website and blog which can be found here. We will be featuring much more of her content in the upcoming months.
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Building Thinking Classrooms

Peter Liljedahl, author of Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics, Grades K-12, helps teachers implement 14 optimal practices for thinking that create an ideal setting for deep mathematics learning to occur.

The 14 practices are well-illustrated through the SketchNote available here.

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