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November 18, 2015

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  • Nov 24 Last day to submit orders for the November Customer and Hostess Specials.
  • Nov 25 - Dec 29 December Special begins

    Choose up to 3 giftables at amazing prices with every $35 spent!

  • Nov 30 Submit your orders to count towards November PV


Virtual Office Updates

Our IT partners are continuing to work to fix some of the issues you may have been experiencing in your Virtual Office. Additional fixes were put in place this morning. They include fixes for the following issues:

  • Customer can see Hostess Exclusive products when shopping against a party
  • Mobile App displaying some invalid shipping options
  • Performance

We’re still working on other fixes and future enhancements to the Virtual Office that we know are important to your business. We’ll share any news and information about the Virtual Office with you as needed - stay tuned!

November 1-24 Specials

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November 25 - December 29

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Your Seasonal Tools

Bookmark this Page! This page has everything--monthly specials, videos, products tags and links to the catalog!

NEW Hostess Exclusives

Team Facebook Page

So many things happening these next few months! Remember to check TOT: AND if you aren't on our team Facebook page.....join us at:

We have an busy November and December ahead of us and our page will help you quickly answer those questions you may have and clear up any confusion with all the amazing things coming our way!

Take Note: In November every Hostess will have to purchase the Hostess Special for $35. It is not free with a $600+ party.