Team Tower Building

When they go low, we go high...building our towers!

The Task

Groups are required to construct a tower made from drinking straws. The objective is to build the tallest tower possible in the allotted time. Towers must be free standing. They cannot be taped to the floor, ceiling or any other structures. All towers will need to be shown to the teacher for judging. To You have 10 minutes to complete this task!

How To Win This Challenge

Winning this challenge will not be easy! You are up against some stiff competition. Some skills that will help you increase your chances of winning are as follows:
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • An ability to work under pressure

Curricular Connections

This Makerspace activity can be incorporated into a variety of curricular areas:

  • STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math)

How This Activity Can Be Used

This Makerspace activity can be used a variety of ways in the classroom to engage your students:

  • Minds On - an introductory activity to a unit a concept
  • Team Building - get your students working together and help them get to know one another better
  • An Assignment - this can be extended into a larger assignment and more materials can be added for the construction of the tower for different purposes (i.e suspend an object).