by Grace Reininga


Don't think twice, just pay the small price

Based on the articles I read, I believe that non-vaccinated children (and adults) should be vaccinated. Without vaccinations people can spread viruses easier and risk/increase others' chances of getting a disease. I think it is worth the payment to lower your (and others') possibility of getting a virus.

For Vaccines

Information Based of an Article About Measles

"Should parents be more afraid of the vaccine or the virus?" I believe that refusing to get your child a shot means that you're okay if your child gets the virus. If you don't get the vaccine you will have a higher risk of getting a disease and spreading it to other people. Most likely your child will not have the side effects of the virus after vaccination and if so, then that's the probably the same result as not vaccinating your child. "It takes a week or two for an infected person to develop the symptoms." If a non-vaccinated child gets this disease they probably don't do that they have it and will not know who they are spreading it to. Same with vaccinated children that have slowly showed the side effects of the virus but they have a better chance of fighting it off. "640 cases last year--thanks in large part to parental anxiety about vaccination." Parents shouldn't even have to rethink when it comes to vaccinations. One of the worst scenarios is that the child will develop the virus, but that's what you were putting the child into in the first place.

Pro Vaccinations from a Public and Local Newspaper

"Parents who refuse to immunize their children are putting everyone's health at risk." Parents are putting their children and other kids in danger for not getting one small shot. Most likely the other children will not know the kids who aren't vaccinated. "Parents have a right to know the dangers at their schools when immunization rates fall low." Parents should be able to know but most of the time they don't so vaccinating your child is the right thing to do. "Keeping children healthy requires the cooperation of the larger community." Staying healthy makes everyone happy so spreading the word helps a lot of families know the risks of not vaccinating their children (and themselves).

The Other Side

We should have the right to do what we want so we shouldn't have to vaccinate our children

"...69 doses of 16 vaccines with hundreds of new vaccines in development." With all these vaccinations and not knowing the side effects of most, why should we have to pay for so many? Technically you don't. "More than $3 billion has been payed to those injured by vaccines...funded by taxpayers." If more people are getting sick from vaccines then why should parents have to pay for their child to get a vaccine if there is a potential risk. Families don't want to pay taxes to all the people that chose to get vaccinated and end up sick. Parents don't what their families' to have to pay more either from their own kids. "Vaccine risks are different for every child because we are not all the same and doctors cannot predict which child will be harmed..." The creators of the vaccines do not know exactly what type of disease is going out but they predict and aren't always right. Children either get the virus or can have harmful side effects. "More than 13,000 parents nationwide have claimed on forms that vaccinating their children from preventable diseases...violated their personal beliefs." This is true also. Some families have different conclusions on whether or not to get vaccinated because their religion/culture can reject this and they shouldn't have to do anything against their beliefs.



Vaccinations are an option to lower your risk of a certain virus but are not a requirement. Most people choose to vaccinate but some don't due to their beliefs (could be because of religious or financial reasons or something totally different). Therefore, the non-vaccinated are increasing the risk of developing and spreading a disease but either with or without vaccines it is possible to get the virus and sometimes some other side effects.