Patterson Staff FYI

A Weekly Newsletter for Staff Members 04-25-2016

MONDAY 5-23 B Day

TUESDAY 5-24 C day

SAT Meeting 7:45

Mobile Dentist here

Patterson Night at Holly McDonalds 4-7


Staff Meeting 8


Fifth Grade Reproductive Health

Lunch Provided by TEAM Patterson (for real this time)

FRIDAY 5-27 B Day

No School-Enjoy your long weekend!

IMPORTANT...Benefits Open Enrollment Deadline IS Monday

Just a reminder to complete your enrollment paperwork by Monday, May 23rd. All employees must complete the application process, regardless if you are making any changes.

Library Closed for Book Check Out

The library will be closed for the rest of the year. Please continue to remind students to turn in their books.

Inventory will begin soon.

Weekly Pledge Schedule

May 16- Shepherd/Dannecker

May 23- Teffer

May 31- Raymoure

June 6- McDowell

Playground Safety

Please remind your students that gymnastic moves are not allowed during recess. We have had several girls coming into the office for ice after attempting backflips and cartwheels. This is simply not safe without proper supervision.

This is the last week of Marvelous Math for this school year!


K-Little Critter had 3 hamburgers. Each hamburger had 3 pickles. How

many pickles in all?

1-1 Mrs. Widdis set up 8 rectangular prisms to make 8 towers. She put a cone on

top of 3 of the towers. How many more cones does Mrs. Widdis need to have a

cone on every tower?

2-The flowers are blooming in Mrs. Goodvich’s garden. There are 3 roses,

3 sunflowers, 3 daisies and 3 tulips. How many flowers are there in all?

Draw a tape diagram to match the problem and a repeated addition

equation to solve.

3-Create a line plot of the height of sunflowers with the information

from the chart given to you.

4-Jill baked 2/9 of the cookies that were sold at the bake sale. Olivia

baked 3/10 of the cookies that were sold at the bake sale. Who baked

more? Write a statement using <, >, or =.

5-5 See Logic Problem in class.


Kindergarten and Young Fives


O’Neil-Roman Breuker

Church-Emily Sornson

King-Max Hamblin

First Grade

O’Brien-Miles Tindall


Widdis-Antonio Frias

Second Grade

Crowder-Max Bladzik

Miller-Braydon Taylor

Dannecker-Chloe Marcell

Third Grade

Day-Austyn Murphy

Dolloff-Jacob Coir

Graham-Lys Glynn

Shepherd-Christina Holmes

Fourth Grade

Hutchins-Jayden Brown

McDowell-Aidan Conrad

Fifth Grade

Teffer-Alivia Green

Raymoure-Adam Booher

Building Calendar

5/22 Tigers Game 1:08 PM

5/24 Mobile Dentist here

5/24 Family Night at Holly McDonalds

5/26 Reproductive Health (5th Grade)

5/27 No School

5/30 No School-Memorial Day

5/31 Fourth Grade to Lansing

6/1 Kindergarten to Longway Planetarium

6/1 Third Grade to Greenfield Village

6/1 Preschool to Detroit Zoo

6/2 Last Day for Preschool

6/2 Bridal Shower for Jen Brancheau (4:00 IMC)

6/3 Field Day-All Grades

6/4 Color Fun Run TBD

6/6 - 6/8 Fifth Grade to Camp

6/9 TEAM Patterson Meeting 6PM

6/14 Last Day-Noon Dismissal

Fifth Grade Farewell-9:15

Character Assemblies Dates

April 15th

May 20th

Each date is an A day and will be held at 3:00

Certificates will be in the copy room prior to the date. Teachers will fill them out and put them in Sara or Stephanie's mailbox.

Still Time to Donate to the Playground

Knowing what a generous staff we are, I wanted to remind everyone that there is still time to donate to the playground. It has been brought to my attention that approximately 14.7% of our staff has made a donation. (10 out of 68 staff members). All of our situations are different. If your are able to donate and maybe just didn't get around to it there is still time.