By: Gabrielle Funke

What is the definition of persisting

Persisting is to work hard at something through thick and thin, never giving up.

Lets Discuss Persistence!!!

Persistence is to never give up even when you're told you can't do it. A example of persistence is Dr. suess, he was rejected by 27 different publishers before his first book was published. But he was persistent and now he is a household name.

Kerri Horsley


Example of persistance

"When I was in eighth grade I took the algebra 1 STARR test and passed the test but to continue on to geometry I needed to get commended. Will informing me of the news that I needed to take the class over the summer to be able to take geometry the next year, she decided to tell me that it was best not to take the class anyways since I wouldn't be successful in the class anyway. I persisted on through anyway and succeeded."

-Jessica freitas

Fun Activites!

Have the kids line up in a certain order without talking and have them figure out if they are in the right order without talking. In most instances they will not get it on the first try so they must keep trying till they get it right. Buy making them do it over and over again it is teaching them persistence and they are having fun.

Courtney Yancey