Take a Peek Into Room 404

Week of November 11, 2013

Thank you Veterans!

This morning's assembly was a tribute to all veterans. The choir led us in some beautiful songs about our country. Thank you to those of you who have served or have family members that have served in our military.

Revising and Editing Homework

Please look for news on a new piece of homework this week. You will find a letter explaining this and the actual story to revise and edit each night for homework. We glued a page with the editing marks into our planners today. Your child may use it to revise and edit this story with a pencil or a red pen if they choose.

Important notes about this homework:

1. Ignore the back of the story. I have told the students they do not need to do that part.

2. They will need to bring the story back on Friday with the editing and revision completed.

3. Please complete one paragraph per night in order to get more than one day of practice throughout the week. This will better prepare them for the test on Friday.

Reader's Workshop

This week we will continue to explore characters in deeper ways. We have been learning about how to have good discussions in order to make our experience with a book much better. There is a difference between experiencing and just finishing a book and I want to kids to experience their books as much as possible.

We are now ready to begin our Reading Circles. Reading Circles are a group of 2-3 students who are all reading the same book independently, then they bring questions or opinions to share during a discussion after reading. The group members agree on an amount of text to read for that day, and after reading independently, they have meaningful discussions, listening to to each other and sharing ideas. This helps us experience the book in a deeper way than if we had just been reading on our own.

You can help your child experience a book by encouraging them to think deeply, instead of just rushing through books. Have them read aloud to you and then discuss the characters or any questions either of you may have. If you have time, you could start a reading circle with your family! After the next few weeks of good practice, your child should be an expert on Reading Circles, so you could even put them in charge of it.

This week we will look at character feelings, personality, how they change and relationships they have. By noticing all of these things, we can make theories about them. Just like we form theories about people we know or meet, we can do the same with characters, by studying what we know about them.

Writer's Workshop

We will start out this week finishing up our lesson on writing for a prompt (from last Friday). We are beginning to learn some strategies for understanding how to respond to a prompt in an appropriate way. This is important so that we can answer the prompt in entirety.

For the remainder of the week, we will begin exploring expository writing! I think the kids will be excited for this change. We will start out by making sure we know the difference between expository and personal narrative:

Personal Narrative:

  • Purpose-to tell a story/entertain
  • A true story about you


  • Purpose-to inform or give information
  • True facts or information about a topic that you know a lot about

It will be fun to begin to brainstorm and plan for this new type of writing. We will still be using the writing process throughout this unit. It is important to use the writing process each time you write.

Important Information

Please look for your child's report card coming home soon. Please sign the yellow copy and return it. The blue copy is yours to keep.


  • Early Release at 12:45


  • Birthday Celebration for October and November birthdays. The celebration begins at 12:30 on the playground.


  • Awards Assembly at 2:30

Next week: Chess/Scrabble, Picture Retakes, Dress up day (Sports Theme)


We watched the video below today and discussed integrity. This was a great lesson to show how to put others before yourself, even when you don't have to. These boys are true role models!