ELC Newsletter

October 9, 2015

Getting Ready for PALS

The last of our fall assessments is PALS and the window for this test opens on Monday, October 12th. Please go into the PALS classlists and make sure all your students are there. Also, if you have students that have left, but are still on your list, I am able to remove them, so please let me know. All of you should have your kits and all the materials you need.

PTO and Parent Volunteer

Mrs. Janelle Thornton, from ELC, as well as several kindergarten parents attended the PTO meeting at FLC. It was great to hear that our Kindergarten parents are starting off supporting their sons and daughters. We had numerous parents help with Vision and Hearing Screening, and now the next event will be the Halloween Party. Thanks to Janelle and to all of our parents for their great support.

Conscious Discipline

We have our first session of Conscious Discipline Trainings on the 14th. Mrs. Polly Kaat, from Sheboygan, will be working with the adults in the cafeteria. Our Early Childhood team will host play groups for parents who bring along their sons and daughters. Class begins at 4:00 PM and ends at 6:30 PM. Thanks to all the staff who plan on attending, and for you encouraging parents to join in the training as well.

Oriole Way at ELC

While the kindergarten was on their field trip, the office team met and learned about the Oriole Way events that are occurring district wide. We will be sharing out these events and some possible plans with you through email and PLC meetings.

The first request was that all of you have your classroom matrix turned into me, so we know what you are doing in your classroom to Be Ready, Be Respectful, and Be Safe. Watch for more emails and news updates!

Upcoming Events at ELC

10/14: NFDL Fireman at ELC;

4:40-- First Session of Conscious Discipline in the Cafeteria

10/23: In Service Day: No School

10/29: Halloween Party at FLC

My Out of Office Schedule for Next Week

Monday, October 12: 7;15 PST at FLC; Meetings at FLC; 3:45 Insurance Meeting District Office

Tuesday, October 13:9:30 Admin Meeting; 11:30 BAMS Dept Meeting; 12:15 IEP at St. Paul's; 1:00 SPROUT

Wednesday, October 14: 8:30 BAMS BCT; 12:00 LFI Presentation; 4:00 Back for Conscious Discipline

Thursday, October 15: Fundations Training all day: 3:00 LFI Meeting

Friday, October 16: 7:45 FLC Spec. Ed. Dept Meeting

October Birthdays

Happy Birthday this month to:

10/1: Lori Dobbs

10/13: Gail Seidl

10/16 Heather Fauska

10/18: Jennifer Zweig

10/24: Gail Hock

..........Forever Young..........