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Status Update: 5th July 2013

WhoooooHoooooo! It's my birthday im 14 and ready to get married

about me

I was born in 1999 on the 5 of July, my best friend is my nurse i grew up in Verona in the Capulet house hold i was always told to hate all Montague's but i have fallen in love with one and now i have married one my love romeo

favorite TV series - pretty little liars

favorite music - big Sean, one man can change world

At the Capulet ball have a good time so many new faces

my wedding with --- ROMEO MONTAGUE

Saturday, Aug. 1st, 3:45pm

Verona, Italy


I just married the love of my life Romeo Montague it feels like I just met him yesterday but it was really 2 days ago #justmarried #julietmontague #honeymoon

status update

going to the movies with the love of my life Romeo

Status Update: 24th December 7pm

  • OMG Can't wait for Christmas this year romeo is getting me a pink hair straighter


Romeo Montague

Lady Capulet

Lord Capulet

Tybalt Capulet