Science 7 Newsletter

Hicksville Middle School

A Snowy Week Update

I hope this email finds you well and your student having enjoyed the day playing in the snow and staying warm! Below you will find that I have listed currently assigned work that students have for completion and the expected due date, in addition to assignments that have been planned and will occur dependent on the weather.

Snow Season Reminder: As evidenced today, the month of January is often interrupted by snow days and delays, as such, it is important that your student check their email frequently for assignment updates and bring their science notebook home each night in order to complete assigned work.

Grades for this week?

Science 7 students will be earning grades on the following assignments for the week:

Currently Assigned:

  1. Exploring Wind Zaption: On Monday (1/11), students were assigned a short Zaption assignment to complete in preparation for the week's notes. The link for this Zaption assignment was posted to Google Classroom and is expected to be completed by 8:00AM on Wednesday (1/13).
  2. Class Dojo Grade: As Quarter 2 ends on Friday (1/15), the quarterly Class Dojo homework grade will be entered into PowerSchool. Please encourage your student to participate consistently these last few class periods and arrive to class with all needed materials and homework complete.
  3. Notebook Grade: Notebook points earned during the second half of the quarter will be added to PowerSchool as a homework grade on Friday (1/15).

Anticipated Assignments: Dates assigned and due dates are estimates, with changes likely.

  1. Global Winds Zaption: This Zaption assignment will likely be assigned on Thursday (1/14) and be due by 8:00AM on Friday (1/15).
  2. Convection Quiz: A quiz on the concept of convection is expected on Friday (1/15). This quiz may be further delayed should additional changes occur to the week's schedule.
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