February 2, 2018

Empower Newsletter 2/2/18

  • Conference sign-ups are online and ready to go. They will be February 13th and 15th starting at 3:00pm until 8:40pm. You can go to the McKinley website and log on or just email/call a teacher or the office and they can help you get signed up.

  • On Friday, February 9, 2018, the 6th grade students will be celebrating the Olympics! Students had the opportunity to apply to be an organizer and presenter at the Opening Games Ceremony. Pomp and circumstance will be in order. All students are asked to wear red, white, or blue on this day. Share your favorite Olympic story with your student! Questions? contact Mrs. Ditch cditch@cr.k12.ia.us

  • Thanks to all the adults who volunteered to be part of our KCRG tours last week. We appreciate you!

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EmpoWEr Community Service Opportunity!

On Feb 5, 6, & 8

9 students per PL block x 3 times per day = 81 students involved

Each year, Horizons hosts a variety of special events. McKinley EmpoWEr is supporting this year’s Annual Lunchbox Fundraiser . Throughout the week of Feb 5th, over 80 of our McKinley 6th grade students will assist with food preparation and packaging during the fundraiser for Meals on Wheels. If your child is involved, he/she will have been given a paper with the assigned day and time slot. Each meal purchased provides one meal for a home-bound senior. You can check out the link for more information about the event!


Personalized Learning: We have just begun a Junior Achievement Learning unit called "It's My Future." A community volunteer comes in and teaches a weekly lesson and then there are assorted activities including online to complete. On Wednesday, we looked at brands, logos and created "personal brands." Career speakers still come every other week. This week our speakers will come from the career cluster "Architecture and Construction."

Social Studies: Our Ancient Greece unit continues with the analysis of heroes and mythology! Check out this link to “Storynory” to hear some of the tales we have been analyzing. http://www.storynory.com/category/greek-myths/ We look forward to our upcoming unit on the Olympic Games, including continuities and changes the games have undergone over time.

Science: 6th graders are learning the difference between animal and plant cells. They are also working on knowing the different organelles of each cell and what function those organelles perform.

Math: Students are continuing to work on beginning algebra strategies with expression or they are finding the surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms.

Language Arts One/Two: This week we have been writing a narrative which is due on Friday (today). Students had two choices where they could write a personal narrative about an everyday hero in their life or create a fictional story about a hero. We are focusing language skills L.6.1 (grammar and usage) and L.6.2 (capitalization, punctuation, spelling). Next week we plan to start some research on the Olympics, where students will be given choices again on their path of study and presentation. On Monday we will be having a root word test over both sets of root words we have studied so far.

mono: one

poly: many, several

dic, dict: to say, to speak

geo: earth

hab: to have, dwell

circ, circum: around

aster, astro: star

aud: to hear

act: to do, drive

chrono – time

fin – end, limit

med, medi, mid – middle

peri – around

phon – sound, voice

spec, spect – to see, look at,

phys – body, nature

6th Grade Families,

Due to a prior professional commitment, I will be unavailable for conferences the nights of Tuesday, February 13th and Thursday, February 15th. I am still very interested in meeting with any and all of you pertaining to your child’s academic progress in math and science.

I have set aside time on February 20th and 21st to make up for my absence from conferences. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss how your student’s progress in my classes.

Please feel free to stop by on these evenings for a visit. You can also email me and we can do whatever it takes to have a discussion about your student.

Thank you,

Mark A. Kenny mkenny@cr.k12.ia.us

Thank you for your continued support from McKinley Empower Teachers!

EMPOWERing students through personal inquiry, real-world experiences, and caring environment while challenging students to make a difference in our community.