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Week of January 27-31, 2020

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NBC Learn

The NBC Learn trial has ended. If you are interested in purchasing NBC Learn, please contact Kerrie Burch.
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World Book Webinar

January 2020 Council Minutes and Presentation

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2020 Banned Books Symposium

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Library Advocacy Day

Each year library advocates from across New York State converge on Albany to voice their support for funding and policies that benefit libraries. Their efforts have resulted in over $11M in additional library aid since 2011.

When: Tuesday, February 25th

Where: NYS Capitol

Agenda & Details:


5th Annual Learning with Innovative Technology (LIT) Conference

SUNY Empire State College’s School for Graduate Studies and the Saratoga Springs City School District are pleased to announce the 5th Annual Learning with Innovative Technology (LIT) Conference. This is a free conference open to anyone interested in the use of technology in education, including higher education faculty, K-12 teachers, adult educators, technology specialists, librarians, and administrators. Attendees will be able to engage in a variety of professional development presentations facilitated by experts and peers with similar interests.

When: Friday, July 10, 2020

Where: Saratoga Springs City School


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· Librarian of the Week ·

Each week we will showcase a librarian from our region.

Who: Judy Roehr

What: High School Librarian

Where: Hudson High School

Hobby: If sarcasm can be a hobby then that is one of my favorites! In fact, I believe there should be a sarcasm font. Other than that, I love being outdoors especially on the water and building stuff. I taught my nieces (and great-nieces) how to use power tools before they were five. I am a thrill seeker (although I’m calmer now). I've bungee jumped a couple of times, and rocked climbed a lot. I even built a 16-foot climbing wall in my basement when we first bought our house. Thanks to the rationalization of my partner Ellie, we decided I was not going to cut a hole in our floor to continue building the climbing wall to the ceilings of our living room. The more sensible me still likes going fast whether on water, dirt trails or hills...only in moderation.

Favorite book: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, is a true story about Bryson’s attempt to hike the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail with a friend. It is hilarious to read of his misadventures as he hikes. I have read many books about long trail hiking but this is the best one overall. He laughs at his mistakes as he overloads his pack and is attacked by swarming insects. He describes his hike and it feels like you are there with him. I hiked some of the areas he hiked on the Appalachian Trail with my partner Ellie. Our goal is to finish the AT someday. The book was most definitely better than the movie.

Share something that you are proud of that has recently happened in your library/school: I am very proud of being able to teach after school professional development for my district on technology. I am able to share many of the things I learned in Cool Tools for Schools with teachers. Sharing with others is awesome and it gives us a chance to learn from each other. I am invited to go into teachers’ classrooms to see what they are doing with their students. I have total flexibility as to where I am when I am teaching or watching presentations. Being in the classroom helps me connect with students I might not have had the opportunity to meet before. I also created a Staff vs.Student Book Contest a couple of years ago and now it has become an annual event that we look forward to doing.

What drew you to a career in school librarianship: I always wanted to be a Physical Education teacher. Since I always loved sports and was very athletic I thought PE was in my future. I always loved going to the library to get books when I was in high school until I got kicked out of the library for four months for being too rowdy, in a fun way, and laughing obnoxiously loud. I would have kicked myself out too. I got a degree in recreation and worked with teenagers for a while and realized I wanted more than to just work with them, I wanted to work with their minds. I sort of fell into finding my way into library school...literally. I crashed skiing and was in a cast for eight months so I went to the public library for something to do. I liked doing research and decided that I wanted to be a librarian. I do enjoy reading and getting my students to read, but I really love the research aspect of being a librarian and that is what I want my students to learn and love.

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We love showing you off!

Thank you for sharing your display of all of the books that have just "flown" into your library, Heather. While there the students can take part in your Paper Airplane Competition; how fun!

Librarian: Heather Jenner

School: Rensselaer Jr. Sr. High School

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This week Nancy had an amazing presentation in her library. Bob Hallock, President of Greene County Historical Society visited Cairo Durham Middle School and gave presentations to 7th grade social studies classes in the library media center. He gave an account of the American Revolution. He engaged the students during his presentation as General Nathanael Greene with his first person interpretationof the Revolutionary War hero, for whom Greene County is named. This included student participation, and passing around items including a solid block of tea which fascinated the students. Thank you for sharing, Nancy!

Librarian: Nancy Pine

School: Cairo-Durham Middle School

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Book Buzz with Britt Buckenroth

It's so hard to keep up with all the new books being published! This book club will give you the opportunity to expand your repertoire of NEW books, whether you are a school librarian or a teacher, as participants share the new books they have read. Participants will select and read NEW books (published in the last two years), from any genre, K-12 and write a book review. A review form will be provided. For each meeting, participants are expected to read either 1-2 chapter books, or 3-4 picture books and complete a review form for each book. ***PLEASE COME TO THE FIRST MEETING WITH COMPLETED BOOK REVIEWS AND READY TO DISCUSS YOUR FIRST SET OF CHOSEN BOOKS.*** The in-person one-hour meetings will be held at Questar III Conference Center. Participants will earn a total of six credit hours for attending the three meetings and completing the required book reviews. This opportunity is open to school librarians and teachers at all grade levels.

All meeting are 4:00-5:00 PM

Wednesday, 2/26

Wednesday, 3/25

Wednesday, 4/22

NewsBank Webinar

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All Model Schools Workshops

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Media Specialist ~ Temporary Tecler

Job ID:GAMN0168124-7020

Job Description:


Media Specialist

(Dates: 3/16/20 – 4/24/20)


*Media Specialist Certification required

Please apply on by February 3, 2020.

Application Deadline:02/03/2020

Start Date:03/16/2020

Elementary Librarian - Leave of Absence

Job ID:BRTN0167541-0010

Job Description:

The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District is seeking a highly qualified teacher to cover a leave of absence at its Pashley Elementary School library media center. The leave of absence begins on or about February 27, 2020 and will continue through the end of the school year. The successful candidate must be certified by the New York State Education Department to to teach Elementary Education in Grades K-6 or be certified as a Library Media Specialist, preference would be given to candidates with both certifications.

For an application to be complete, please respond to the following essay (no more than 1 single-spaced page) which should be uploaded to your OLAS application. “Describe the three most important measures a teacher can take to maximize student motivation, engagement and achievement in your teaching area. Please provide any specific examples and/or evidence from your experience to support your response."

Application Deadline:01/30/2020

Start Date:02/27/2020

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