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December Learner Profile Focus: CARING

Edward Albert has been given credit for saying, "The simple act of caring is heroic." This month, Vanguard IB students have been focusing on showing how much they care around campus and throughout the community, and I believe we are all better for it. Not that any of us set out to be heroes, but more so that we recognize the importance of giving back to those who may be less fortunate or who are in need. In speaking with our students who have organized toy drives or stuffed stockings or have purchased gifts for children in the area, I'm always impressed by what they themselves have gotten in return. The way their own faces light up as they share their stories of watching the youngest of our community open gifts or read cards or hear carols sung ... it's a beautiful thing that our Vanguard IB students truly understand what it means to give, to share, and to care.

I believe there's truth in Nick Vujicic's idea that "the greatest rewards come when you give of yourself. It's about bettering the lives of others, being a part of something bigger than yourself, and making a positive difference." I am infinitely proud to be a part of the Vanguard IB Family and the IB Mission as a whole. Our kids are incredible, and the ways that they have chosen to devote their time, their talents, and their efforts this month go far beyond what I could hope for this season of giving and caring.

On behalf of the entire IB Faculty, I wish you all the best of this holiday season. Enjoy your time off with family and friends, and we will see you all again as we start the new year.

College Connection: IB students tell us they bring this commitment to community and others to their activities and leadership roles at university and carry it throughout their lives.


Living Learner Profile

"Let's talk." IB Juniors and Seniors know that every so often "Mama Hensel" will settle at her podium and give students a chance to chat about the upcoming and the ongoing. And this moniker is fitting because our IB students know if they need something, they can go to Mama Hensel and she will have it, find it, make it, get it, or request it. Just like mom would. But her outpouring of care goes beyond a chance to unload or unwind; she's "passionate about teaching us. She cares a lot about our grades and supports us through every step of our high school years."

Mama Hensel "always makes sure that we know what's going on so we aren't caught off guard, and she eases our stress so we can get done what we need to get done. She cares for our schedule and tells us not to worry when we are stressed." Students also recognize she "makes sure everyone is okay, even when she is having a tough time". And as one student put it, "When you need your mom away from mom, you know where to find her ... Mama Hensel's room."

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Congratulations to the following IB students who were recognized by their classroom teachers for being Thinkers on our campus during the month of November! Way to go, Vanguard IB Family!

  • Emilio A
  • Brady B
  • Avery G
  • Hunter H
  • Alexis L
  • Christina L
  • Emma L
  • Hunter H
  • Caroline M
  • Ebubechi N
  • Kaira O
  • Harsh P
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