Fennewald 7th Grade Math

Let the adventure begin!


I'm excited for the start of a brand new year! There have been a lot of changes for this year. The biggest change is going to be in the time you spend in math. This year you will spend two periods in math. I know for some of you that seems like a long time, but I'm hoping you will be optimistic. We have some new technology that I'm hoping will make things more interesting for you. I also plan on having us up and moving, playing games, interacting with each other and more! Plus I plan on including YOU in the design of our class this year!


This year I am going to try and incorporate more technology in our class. I have had the opportunity to try out many powerful apps, websites and extensions this summer that I am excited to use in the classroom. Since I will not have access to the labs every day there will be days that students will be allowed to use their own personal devices in a B.Y.O.D. (Bring your own device) day. Students are responsible for their own devices and what they do with them. They are expected to be used as a learning tool. Students will be expected to be on the website and tools for class. Taking photos or video that is not part of an assignment is strictly forbidden. Failure to use your device in a respectful appropriate way will result in this privilege being taken away. We are on this adventure together, let's keep everyone safe!


For math this year you will need:

`A binder

`5 dividers

`Notebook paper

`4 function calculator

`PLENTY of pencils!!