Automobiles in America

By: Cory Keller


Why was the automobile created?

The automobile was created for people to get to one place to another quicker then on horses and it indeed did so by along shot. Where with horse you would have to let them rest every so often is you had a car you didn't have to you just kept going until you ran out of gas

Who created it?

Henry ford was the creator

When was the first car created?

In 1903 the Model T But in 1927 the Model A came out with its high powered (for the time) V8 motor.

Where was it created?

The original Ford motor company had its headquarters in Dearborn,Michigan when start in the 1903 then moved to Highland park,Michigan and went on through the 20’s and even the Great Depression and is still here today making cars and truck better the chevy ever has

How did it work?

The car is powered by an engine which produced power to spin the wheels. The engine use gasoline which would burn when the piston would push up and cause an explosion from the spark plug. Which in turn would turn the crank shaft and cause the it to turn the transmission which would then turn the wheels.