Sprinkler System Repair In Katy, TX

Katy, TX, 2015, Press Release: DK Sprinklers is a leading company providing high quality sprinkler systems in Katy, TX. The company has extensive experience in catering to the irrigation needs of residential as well as commercial properties across the city. The technicians at DK Sprinklers suggest property owners to maintain the lawn sprinklers systems and get them repaired in case of any leakage or fault. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it may lead to significant loss of water and also damage the lawn grass. The company provides efficient solutions for a wide range of lawn sprinkler problems including:

  • Clogged sprinklers

  • Leaking sprinklers and valves

  • Installation problems

  • Overspray

  • Uneven distribution of water

  • Detached sprinkler heads

The technicians at DK Sprinklers are skilled in repairing all types of equipment such as stationary, oscillating, rotary sprinkler etc. They have expertise in providing thorough analysis of the sprinkler system and offering a solution accordingly. They aim at keeping the sprinklers properly functioning to ensure even distribution of water in the lawn. In addition, they also provide sprinkler system maintenance tips to the clients.

Why Choose DK Sprinklers?

Focus On Quality And Improvement: The experts at the company strive to fulfill the expectations of the clients. They use advanced techniques to detect and fix the problems in the sprinkler systems.

Efficient Customer Service: They aim at achieving customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient sprinkler repair services. They offer high quality parts and sprinkler systems to resolve the problem of excess water or dry spots in your lawn.

Affordable Price: They offer high quality repair and maintenance services at a reasonable price. They also provide cost-effective Rain Bird sprinklers and Skydrop sprinkler control systems.

To know more about the sprinkler system repair services provided by DK Sprinklers in Katy, TX, you can call at (281) 794 – 4891 or visit their office at 7338 Windy Port Lane, Richmond, TX 77407. You can also browse through their website www.dksprinklers.com