Little Free Library Fundraiser

Booth Bookies Book Club

Enter for your chance to win a basket filled with date night goodies!

Booth Bookie Book Club members will be selling raffle tickets for a "date night" basket. Items like candy, movies, gift cards, popcorn, sodas, and other items that you need for a PERFECT date night will be included in the basket. Tickets are $1 each or six for $5. Drawing will be held on March 4th. See a Bookie to purchase.

Bookies will be using the money raised to build a Little Free Library in Enfield, IL. Help us increase literacy awareness within our rural community! For more information on Little Free Libraries, click here.

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Date Night Basket Raffle

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 12am to Friday, March 4th, 12am

Booth Elementary School, Enfield, IL, United States

Enfield, IL

Booth Bookies

Purpose: To create literacy awareness throughout our homes, school, and community. Members will serve as literacy role models for peers. Additionally, students will read, discuss, and enjoy a variety of diverse literature (including Rebecca Caudill, Newberry, & Illinois Reads award winners) with their peers.