Students and Technology


Kahoot It

Every Thursday, students bring their own Ipads from home. They get in small groups and take quizzes on specific subject areas. I searched up many incredible quizzes from the public folders on the various subjects we were learning about such as plants, weather, and also math concepts such as geometry and addition and subtraction. We quizzed ourselves on famous people and geography in Social Studies. The kids loved the review and game-style format.

Discovery Learning

We used Discovery Learning to support our study of the 7 continents. We used video clips to introduce animals, people, geography, customs, etc. Students also used videos to research animals and their habitats.

Board Builders with our Fifth Grade Buddies

We were able to meet with our fifth grade buddies to build some incredible boards on Discovery Education! Our buddies helped us to find videos, type up information from our research, and post pictures about our specific animal habitats.

Web Cams

The children got on the iPads to visit with zoo animals via their websites' web cams. Each student that watched and observed an animal in their habitat would then report back to the class about their observations.
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