Calling All Kids!

Let's Raise A Stink To Make A Difference!

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It’s Easy To Get Involved. Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Shower Strike website and start your school campaign.

2. Spread the word to your parents, teachers, and community. You will use the link you are given when you sign up for the Shower Strike Campaign. This is personalized to just your schools Shower Strike so it is very easy for people to support and contribute to the strike.

Go to the Shower Strike Support page for examples and help.

3. Look for ways to tie this into your curriculum.

This is an awesome project and opportunity to connect globally with other classrooms, experts, authors, and others through literacy, social studies, and science.

For ideas, go to this Google Doc.

4. Participate in the Shower Strike during the week of April 12th. If this week doesn’t work for you, choose another week to participate!

5. Celebrate helping others and spread the word on how you can continue to make a difference at the end of your Shower Strike Campaign.

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Children in Africa lose more than 400 million school days a year because they’re drinking dirty water and getting sick.

We have the opportunity to do something about that, have fun, and teach our students some great lessons. Please consider being part of the Iowa 2nd Grade Shower Strike for Well Aware.

It happens the week of April 17, 2015.

If 30 2nd grade classes Shower Strike, our kids will have a life-saving water system named in their honor. And they don't have to be 2nd graders....Anyone can take part in this amazing campaign!

Second graders in Dawn Scholtens class at Sunset Heights Elementary in Webster City have gone on a Shower Strike three years in a row.

Dawn shares, "They love it, their parents love it, and the media love it. Students commit to not showering (sponge baths and other “work arounds” encouraged) until they raise $1500 as a class.

We personally thought it was crazy at first but gave it a try and for three years my class has very enthusiastically raised over $2,000 each year in less than a week! The kids have SO much fun and really begin to understand that THEY can change the life of another 7-8 year old in Africa."

This is not your ordinary fundraiser. You’ll be provided simple instructions, phone support, T-shirts, messages from the kids you’re helping, and lesson plan ideas.

If you’re at all interested, just add your name to this Google Form.

We will get in touch with you very soon with simple instructions to set up your fundraising page and get your fundraising kit (Kids love the T-Shirts!).

People all over the United States participate in Shower Strike each year, but Iowa is the first state organizing its students to fund an entire water system that will impact thousands of lives.

And the kids in Iowa want to include kids from all over the world to make a difference in the lives of others!

For every $15 raise, Well Aware can provide water to someone for decades. Let's all raise a STINK to make that difference together!

If you need our help or have any questions.....please contact us at the emails below. We are happy to help you.

Dawn Scholtens and her 2nd graders,

Julie Graber @jgraber

Shannon McClintock Miller @shannnmmiller

Check out how the 2nd graders at Sunset Heights Elementary in Webster City, Iowa made a difference with the Shower Strike last year. Let's all do this together!

Iowa kids shower strike builds well in Africa

You can read all about Well Aware's Shower Strike campaign at the website below. Thank you.