It was named POKEMON RED on purpose

Defining an obvious difference

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The Argument

Red and Ash are not the same people in any universe. 18/18 people surveyed will say that they are two different people. Red has common sense, he cares for his Pokemon and he was tough enough to catch and train all the Kanto Pokemon. Ash is a dumb kid that has basically had everything handed to him his entire life.

Research Topic 1

Red is the ultimate hero, he is just a simple kid who was able to take down a criminal organization by capturing and training monsters against their will. In the games Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heartgold, and Soulsilver you are often told by Johto's populace that a boy named Red from Pallet Town single handedly took down Team Rocket's boss, Giovanni. Ash always has two companions with him wherever he goes yet he cannot even take down two over dramatic Team Rocket Agents and a cat.
Red defeated Giovanni 100% of the time even when he had first started his journey, Ash has defeated Giovanni 0% of the time and the one time he fought him was fifteen years since the beginning of his journey, I think he's had enough time to train for this. Red is the only person to date who has defeated Giovanni and caused him to disband Team Rocket, how could Red and Ash be the same person if he hasn't even beaten three Team Rocket agents let alone their boss.

Research Topic 2

The character Ash depicted in the anime is nothing but a merchandising scheme created by Ken Sugimori and Atsuko Nishida. If you think that the "Protagonist" Ash Ketchum was not just a scheme to get kids to buy merchandise then how do you explain the TV show on Cartoon Network that is currently running on its seventeenth season and which is the reason that there is so much merchandise. Let me set the tone for you, walking into a toy store and you look around for awhile, all of a sudden you notice an isle filled with Pokemon toys, but no these aren't toys based off the game series, these are toys based off of the ridiculous TV show. After all that maybe it's time to really explain why Ash is only merchandise, the Pokemon franchise has made over 24 billion dollars as of last year since 1996, 200 million of those dollars have come from the games. So that means that only 8.3% of their profits come from the games which are indeed the reason why there even is a TV show, the other 91.7% comes from trading cards, stuffed animals, board games, action figures, t-shirts etc. So what could Ash Ketchum be besides just a pile of money sitting in Game Freak and Nintendo's hands?

Research Topic 3

Here is one of the greatest reasons that Red is not Ash, it's the fact that Red has way more Kanto Pokemon than Ash has ever had and he caught them all in about a day or two. Ash Ketchum ultimately spends more time battling random trainers that have nothing to do with the actual storyline that actually catching wild Pokemon. Red however, stayed in Kanto until he caught them all according to the mini-series "Pokemon Origins." In the anime's theme song it is specifically stated that it's Ash's destiny to be the very best and to catch them all, but Ash's Kanto Pokedex completion is 31/151 Pokemon which is 21%, wow. Red's Kanto Pokedex is currently 150/151 which is 99%, and that is based off of Pokemon Origins, however at the end of the movie Red was going to catch Mew so we are led to believe that he caught them all. Ash's Pokedex is pathetic, Red has more Pokemon from the region of Kanto than Ash has caught in the entire world.

Pros and Cons

- Red and Ash both come from Pallet Town.
- Red and Ash both have the goal to be a Pokemon Master.
- Pikachu is one of their favorite Pokemon.
- They both wear hats, CONSTANTLY.
- They both get their first Pokemon from Professor Oak.

- Ash doesn't play a large part in any canon game.
- Red completed the Pokedex.
- Red actually defeated Lance, Ash didn't.
- Red was never attacked by Spearows.
- Ash saw a legendary Pokemon the day he started his journey, Red did not.

The Counter Arguent

You could in fact argue that Red and Ash Ketchum for many reasons. Some of the more popular reasons include the fact that they both come from the same town. Another reason is that they both have a rival whose Grandpa is Professor Oak. Here is why these reasons are completely obsolete. Just because they come from the same town does not mean they are the same person, that's like going to Monmouth and telling to completely different people that they are one. Also, Red's rival, Blue, is currently the Viridian City gym leader. Ash's rival, Gary, is currently a Pokemon researcher in the Sinnoh region.

A Fitting Finish

In the end there can only be one answer and it is very obvious that Red is not Ash Ketchum considering the fact that it took Ash nearly two years to get to the Pokemon League and it took Red 3 days and he caught 149 Pokemon along the way.

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