Review of "We Were Liars"

Fall 2017 ELT Book Club Project

Project Description

Over the course of six weeks, Eric, Jenny, Mio, Junhao, and Gooyoung read and discussed the book "We Were Liars" by e. lockhart. This is their review of the book. We hope you enjoy it!

Characters by Junhao

Major Characters

Today I want to introduce "we were liars" major characters of this book. Now I will talk about some guys in the book. First, I want to say Cadence. She is a lost girl. She is trying hard to remember her past. She is also a wealthy child who can have everything she wants. She has a mom and a handsome boyfriend. I personally think that she has some resistance to and fear of things around her. She does not believe anything happened to her. Next, I will talk about Get, He is Cadence's boyfriend and they love each other very much. He is not as rich as Cadence, he is not a white man. He likes to read classical literature. I think Get is a very smart person, he changed a girl, but who is this girl, you can find the answer in the book. This is just one of the two characters in the description, if you want to know more, welcome to read "we were liars".

Plot by Mio

On the last part of the book, readers ought to focus on page 200 to 225. In this section, readers eventually obtain significant facts of Cadence’s amnesia. “We were liars” has more than 10 characters. Alternated context of situations gives readers a lot of thought and confusion with flux of time in the story. To prevent skipping important aspects and good scene interpretation, chapter 82 gives some tips to readers. Cadence realized what she did in Windemere at night and to Mirren, Johnny, and Gat 2 years ago. Moreover, she could meet Mirren, Johnny, and Gat in Windemere, according to chapter 84, because they got one chance to see her. When they meet, they are 15 years old but Cadence, herself is 17 years old. Thus, Cadence chooses her amnesia because the memories will make her suffer.

Setting by Gooyoung

Most of the story happens on Beechwood Island. The island is only for Cadence's family, which means it is a private place, and is located "off the coast of Massachusetts", U.S. Also, the island is where Cadence goes to the hospital after she gets shot by her father. There are many places like the staff dock, boathouse, staff building, staff entrance, mudroom, and family dock. There are four houses on Beechwood Island: Windemere - where Penny, Cadence, Bosh, Grendel, and dogs are staying, Cuddledown - where Bess, Mirren, Taft, Liberty, and Bonnie are staying, Red Gate - where Carrie, Johnny, will, Ed, and Gat are staying, and Clairmont - where Tipper, Harris, Prince Philip and dogs are staying. The island also has a perimeter path and a wooden walkway. The Clairmont house becomes New Clairmont after getting burnt down by Cadence. In the summer, when Cadence is seventeen years old, most of the events occur in Cuddledown, which is Bess' house. Burlington, Vermont is also a setting since Cadence Sinclair Eastman, the heroine or main character, lives there during the school year.

Real Life Connection by Eric

This is a very strange and logical -thinking book, and then the content is filled with many realities of society. The title, “We were Liars,”is ironic because the meaning is very strong, and the whole book has a lot of reality. First, the focus of the whole article is family inheritance. In reality, many successors fight estate after the host died in rich families. It is a disgusting phenomenon, and there are many scenes like that in this book. Second, the book also has a deep fiery love of characters. Their friendship is so close just like a brother and sister, so you will think of your own love and friendship. Finally, just as the title says “liars,” it is a big selling point of the story. When you read the book from the beginning to the end, telling lies is the most essential part of the book. Everyone may tell lies, and lies will be stacked with more lies. The truth comes out and then the facts appear. The lies in the story are what you should explore. It is really an interesting book. Though you need to think deeply when you are reading the book, when you finish the whole book, you will suddenly know everything. That will be the best thing you have got new perspective.

Literary Luminary Quotes by Jenny

There are two quotes that I find particularly inspiring and I believe represent the spirit of this book. “No matter what happens as we go to college, grow old, build lives for ourselves; no matter if Gat and I are together or not. No matter where we go, we will always be able to line up on the roof of Cuddledown and gaze at the sea.” says Cadence. This is very touching and represent the Four Liars’ friendship. In life, we have friends with whom we might seldom meet or even seldom have contact with each other. Everyone is busy building their own lives; however, we will always be reminded of our friends when we go to the places that we used to visit.

Another quote is “I will prove myself strong, when they think I am sick. I will prove myself brave, when they think I am weak.” says Cadence. For me, these are really powerful and inspiring words to read. We should never believe in others words more than trusting our own words since no one should have the right to make comments about how others live their lives.

In sum, these are two quotes that I think represent some major themes of this book. Both of these themes are related to our everyday life.

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