Things Fall Apart Proverbs

Saya Johnson

"If A Child Washes His Hands He Can Eat With Kings"

  • I think that this proverb means that if one confesses to the wrongs that they've done they still will be able to make it right. It means that they can be forgiven and thenpossibly change for the better. Before you wash your hands they are dirty, after all trace of it is gone. It represents a new start with a clean slate.

  • "Fixing your objective is like identifying the North Star - you sight your compass on it and then use it as the means of getting back on track when you tend to stray."
  • This American quote is similar because it shows how you're starting off at one place and doing something to change for the better.

"When The Moon Is Shining The Cripple Becomes Hungry For A Walk"

  • This proverb represents a belief in the protective quality of moonlight in contrast with the fear of the darkness. The dark is considerd to bring evil but the light of the moon is supposed to keep it away. It's basically saying that it's a time to get over a fear.

  • "Fear isn't an excuse to come to a standstill. It's the impetus to step up and strike"
  • This American quote is similar because it gives you a reason to get over a fear and do something while you can.

"You Can Tell A Ripe Corn By Its Look"

  • This proverb means that you can tell how successful a person is based on their appearance and the clothes they wear. Someone that is more successful will have nicer things and carry themself better while someone unsuccessful may not carry themself as confidently or wear as nice clothes.

  • "We don't know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, so we don't always appreciate their fragility."
  • This American quote is similar because it talks about how a first impression of someone can be a big factor on how they are, the only difference is that in this quote they aren't paying attention to it when they should. A first impression can tell you allot about a person.

"When Mother-Cow Is Chewing Grass Its Young Ones Watch Its Mouth"

  • This proverb means that the younger generations learn how to behave and what to do by watching their elders. For example a young child learns how to talk and act toward others based on the way they see their parents socialize with others.

  • "People who don't cherish their elderly have forgotten whence they came and whither they go."
  • This American quote is similar because it shows how the older generation is important in the upbringing of younger people and that they need to watch them so they know how to be successful in their own generations future.

"If I Fall Down For You And You Fall Down For Me, It is Play"

  • I think that this proverb means that they can both go through hardships caused be one-another, but as long as they are both going through their own it's neither of their faults and no one is to blame

  • "When you're going through hard times and you're wondering where God is, just remember; the teacher is always quite during a test."
  • This American quote is similar because it is talking about going trough a hard time and feeling alone. Whenever you're going through problems no matter how hard they may seem there are others out there that are going through the same thing and can help you through, even if you can't see them.